Wednesday, February 09, 2005

life is viewtiful

nothing says fun like online controversey. Here I am putting myself out there, really for no reason but to be a pain in the ass. Well thats and this blog needed an update.

First - I'm in pain, physical pain. I bruised a rib snowboarding on Sunday. I fell on my protein bar on my first run down the mountain. Well really a hill. Mt. Snow is a mountain. Camelback is nice, but its not much of a mountain. So it's wednesday and I'm still in pain. I thought I was getting better, but some activity yesterday seems to have made it hurt a bit more all day. But, on Tuesday I see a doctor for the first time in years, which I'm excited about. Not for my ribs, but just for a checkup. I am excited for health insurance.

2nd - iTunes rocks - aside from free songs every week. Pepsi teamed back up with apple to give away free songs. You buy a 20oz Pepsi, or in my case, a Diet Pepsi and 1 in 3 bottles wins a free song. The best part is you can cheat. You can angle the bottle a certain way to always buy a winning bottle. I bought 6 bottles the other day, all winners! So you end up paying like 50 cents for a diet pepsi. I mean this is almost like heaven to me - I love music, I love Diet Pepsi, and I love free stuff!!!

Aside from that, work has been pretty stressful this week, so like our little vixen, I will be taking 1/2 of friday to chill out and take some personal time. I earned all that comp time already this week, so it's actually fine that I leave early.

So aside from that things are good. Dj-ing been picking up, so I'm happy about that. Until the next time.