Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Dreams May Come...

Years ago, me and two friends decided that after college we wanted to travel to all the FDU campuses by land. Get it sponsored and document it all. It was more of an excuse to be nomadic rebels for a few months, and get something useful out of our already crippling student loans. This trip would start us at Teaneck, NJ then go to Madison, NJ across to Tev Aviv, Israel and then up to our final destination of Wroxton, England. Which meant - crossing the Bering Strait. Which is the gap between Alaska and Russia. Now - in case you don't know - its not really possible to do that without risking your life. Until now - if this goes through - FIELD TRIP! Start packing D & D.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Been A Long Time...

I know this blog has been slacking - but I really have to say so have I. Getting time to do things like this have taken the back burner to other stuff. Like playing guitar (Finally wrote my 1st original song), going to the gym (lost about 20 lbs since July - I've been saying this since October as I snack on Starburst Jellybeans), writing (goes along with the song writing), and oh right work. I've also been hitting up a bunch of concerts.

So far since the end of March - Snow Patrol, Christina Aguilera, Vedera, Little Charlie, and tomorrow is Fountains of Wayne. I've also heard Superchumbo spin twice this year. So far - I have yet to be let down at all. Honestly, Christina put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. Granted her writhing around on an amusement park horse singing "Dirrty" may have done it alone (I almost needed a bathroom break). However, I've only had chills at a concert a few times. First time I heard Pearl Jam sing "Black" at MSG. Just about every time NIN plays "Hurt." When John Williams encored with the "Star Wars Theme." Every time Ben Folds pulls out "Evaportaed." And now add when Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" to that list. I'm sure there were more. Maybe hearing the Smashing Pumpkins play "Drown" or Pearl Jam playing "Footsteps." Anyways - she was amazing. That girl can sing and perform and it's unreal. I never posted by best albums of last year - however - I assure you it's amazing and would've made my top 5 easy. Along with the Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado.

So that's been some of life. Music. DJing picking back up to a weekly event - which I'm happy about. I'm doing the after party for wedding on Sunday night for a person on NY1 TV. Whom I see just about every morning on "Your Staten Island News Now." Ibiza is booked again for July and Sicily is a dream come true in August. I'm back at Pure soon - either late May or early June. I'm also spinning at The Den in New Brunswick on May 11. That's a lot of the good.

The bad - lots of craziness. Watching friends and family falling hard, falling soft and falling out. Everything from visiting a friend in a coma who OD'ed to 3 hour drives about distraught families to the trials and tribulations of unemployment. This goes along with my own internal and external monologues with myself and those around me. Take that along with one of my close friends and co-workers leaving for Virginia to join his family. Which means back to crisis mode at work as well as losing a great person and worker.

But that's enough for today. I keep thinking of what to do with this here to make it more relevant and current. Maybe I'll retire it - like the Vixxen and start one over again. Who knows. To quote something I recently wrote and recorded - maybe you'll hear it sometime.

I'm picking my pieces back up - starting all over again
I'm picking myself back up - living life again.

If you do want to hear one of my tracks - there's a link in a previous post on this blog that will get you there. Or maybe somewhere in this one.


PS - FM3's Essential Listening: Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero