Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tonight we're gonna blog like it's 1998

I've been doing a small amount of pre-Spring computer cleaning and found some good stuff. In particular saved pages from my old AOL website. Which, despite what Allison said about the internet, is not still there.

So if I get some time I will put the site up again, it's mostly text pages with the old school jpegs and gifs. However, what I did like most about my site was the collection of seemingly now classic "Random Thoughts." So I will give you a few till I figure out what to do with the rest of the pages. So here they come from some familiar readers here - ok well maybe one or two.

9/24/98 Monica Lewinski is getting paid $450,000+ to model in Milan because of her new found noterity--If all you have to do to get half a mil is blow the president...then show me to the oval office (Tom G)

10/17/98 "Bring Back The Richard Bey Show" (Tommy M)

11/16/98 forget how much a shot of 151 hurts till you haven't had it in a long long time...(Jack)

Well on that note I'm going back to finishing up my next Sirius mix - make a few DJ phone calls - and actually send some time with the woman today.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The shit I get myself into

For a while I've been intrigued by a photography book - Now this probably doesn't surprise many of you. I'm a fan of both porn and photgraphy. I remember seeing this book at a Barnes & Noble in the city with Sarah and calling her over to see it. I thought the idea was fantastic. Both clothed and nude pictures of porn stars. Really done in the most artistic way you could. I know what you're thinking, but look at the book if you get a chance. It's nudity not sex. Sounds like an arguement from my play.
In any case - HBO did a special called "Thinking XXX" on the photgrapher, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, while making the book. This is because he's actually a highly regarded photgrapher and has done portraits of presidents.

So I'm watching it and I notice there's a gay male porn star that I recognize. Now, I will say I have seen 1 gay porn, ok 2 - 1 way thanks to my roomate freshman year at college who had to rent one for baseball initiation. However, he did decide to watch it...several times. The second was due to having actual gay roomates - that had porn. But I knew I knew him from somewhere else and I realised it is from working for Billy at a catering job, as a doorman. I did not realize that on 2 occacions it was the home of what seems to be (after a small google search) one of the biggest (on the HBO show - another man said he was the "biggest") gay porn stars around. Michael Lucas.
There are some days when I wonder how I get myself into shit like this, and somedays I kinda find it interesting.

So the past 3 posts should be enough links and reading for a while - enjoy.


Guido Fist Pump

I'm pretty sure, this is funny. If nothing else, it's something I've seen a billion times. Well usually by those that were old enough to get into the club. Unlike the little Guido here.

Gino the Ginny

For actually a much less funny look at this kid - he's on myspace

See - fucking people don't learn - remember the "A Bronx Tale"? Now Mr. Staring Actor's in jail.

Some people need to take themselves out.

That's today's public service announcement by Frank M, MA in Psychology

Sometimes I Just Don't Understand...

Here are two articles I read today - (Neither about PETA, Jillian!) The first is about these anti-gay protestors that picket at the funerals of those that lost their lives in Iraq.

The most disturbing line is this "His protesters carry signs thanking God for so-called IEDs -- explosives that are a major killer of soldiers in Iraq." Really what I do like about the article is they talk about the Patriot Guard Riders who are a group of 5,000 strong bikers that are there to counter the protestors.

Motorcyclists Roll to Soldiers' Funerals

Article #2 - Is this port selling debacle. Now I don't know how I feel - but it was funny since my Bush supporting father's first comment was that Mr. Pres would be outraged. On the contrary...

Bush Says Port Deal 'Ought to Go Forward'

So thats today's news - tune in next time where I will talk about how we almost went bowling in the city for $400.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why I spent the day in Frank Manzo

Last weekend - I spent a lot of time in bed. With Sarah, because - well - why not - but also because it was snowing a lot and we were in Philly. Today I spent the day in bed thanks to a night out with my friends. Now I'm what Goldman calls a "2 Beer Queer," however I call it "A Cheap Date." Which translates that I have a relatively low tolerance for alcohol and while drunk get very impulsive. So more beer sounds like a great idea after - oh let's say - 3 Irish Car Bombs. I don't remember how many drinks I had over the night - but it was a lot. Probably say - 1 Harp, 1 Coors Light, and 4 Guinesses. Aside from the Irish car Bombs.

So I woke up this morning feeling much better than I thought I would. Showered, got ready to go out, as I had a bridal expo and dinner with friends to get to - had some lunch and that's when God said - Boy! Are you fucking crazy? I was quickly banished and ordered to attend a prayer service in front of God, as he changed shape to a large porcelain object securely bolted to the floor and conveniently located in your bathroom. (Suddenly I feel like this should be done by Sweet Pussy Pauline)

Anyway - I called Sarah at several times during the day to tell her that I was about to leave since I felt better. All those times were again stopped with 15 minutes, by God saying - Motherfucker is you still there? (Ok now we're into Sweet Pussy Pauline) God really said - Lay down bitch, turn on the olympics and rest. If you don't I swear to Christ, my only son, that I will strike you down and when you wake up from your nap - NASCAR will be on and you will not have enough energy to change it and you may even find it interesting! So - well when God speaks - I listened. Or maybe not, because I was watching the Daytona 500 and found it interesting that 200,000 people were there watching this shit. I bet if you took the number of people there with mullets and divided by the number of collective teeth - you'd still have a number higher than all the brain cells there. In any case - Sarah yelled at me - which was a good thing. She told me (much like God did, she's my Goddess)- turn around girlfriend and listen to that boy's song - ok no - Sarah really said to stay in bed and stop trying to move, because then I'll still feel like shit tomorrow. She was right. In 5 minutes it will be tomorrow and as much as I feel better, I do hope tomorrow I can muster up the energy to do my laundry and whatever else I need to do.

However, on a good note - I did have a lot of fun with the crew. Glad we all got to go out and have fun - I think I may have taken the cake on stupidity, but really - such is life. So a much belated happy birthday to Fuji a man that would woop my ass in a game of Beer Survivor any time.

So I'm off to bed - despite kinda not being tired since I napped for several hours throughout the day. I will also leave you with this - - which I believe is like myspace for porn.

Thank God (really thanking him) for not giving former Presidents eternal life. Because then tomorrow I would be working.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Maybe I'm just bored

TEN Random Things You May Not Know About Me:
1. I have a bizarre photographic memory. I have memories of old experiences that are more like snapshots in my brain. Sometimes I can be in the photo, sometimes not. The first one I have is with my Grandma Helen on my Aunt Carol’s wedding day. It’s my only memory of her.
2. I was actually born in Long Island, and lived in Queens till I was 1 and then moved to Staten Island and have lived in this house since.
3. I’ve never broken a bone and have only had 1 trip to the ER when I was in high school. Knock wood.
4. My father wouldn’t let me go to Wroxton College unless I took a business course there.
5. I DJed my first party when I was about 12. I used a karaoke machine that had 2 tape decks and would cue up my cassette singles to when the song started to play music without stopping. I wouldn’t call it mixing – but that was the idea.
6. For as long as I can remember, the end of “Ghost” makes me cry.
7. I still have the address tag from my first dog Prissy. She was named after a character in Gone With The Wind.
8. I can’t throw things out. I collect everything. I have comic books, baseball cards, collector’s plates, autographs, cds, etc. I’m hoping one day I will sell them and make some money.
9. I tied my shoes in bunny ears until 1999. When 2 things happened – Sarah was appalled that I did that and I refused to tie steel toe Doc Martin’s with bunny ears.
10. I stare are everyone. When I’m walking in the city, or in the mall, or wherever – I tend to look at everyone. This has gotten me in trouble with a significant other and I’ve spotted a number of famous people.

NINE Places I've Visited: (without getting there by car, in chronological order)
1. Orlando, FL
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Raleigh, NC
4. Wroxton, England
5. Brussels, Belgium
6. Paris, France
7. Venice, Italy
8. Rome, Italy
9. Chicago, IL

EIGHT Ways to Win My Heart:
1. Fun. Have it, love it, live it. Encompasses both in a foreign land and at home.
2. Take me on an adventure. A nice dinner somewhere random (White Castle or Sushi Samba) or a quest to find a dress for a party.
3. Do things because you know I’d like it, and actually enjoy it because I do.
4. Listen to music and really feel it.
5. Let me be stupid and laugh about it.
6. Sexiness. As a life choice. Can be anything from a wake up hug to a goodnight kiss.
7. Enjoys patiently educating my naive self.
8. Support me, in anything I feel passionate about. For example: Being ok with me DJing on weekends and telling me the Menlo Park mall is much smaller than the Woodbridge Mall.

SEVEN Things I Want to Do Before I Die:

1. Be on stage at Madison Square Garden in front of a sold out crowd.
2. Write a song.
3. To know that something I’ve said or done to someone has impacted or changed their life for the better.
4. Get my 15 minutes of fame for something good or fun.
5. Relax.
6. Live in Manhattan.
7. Have a three - never mind…

SIX Things I'm Afraid Of:

1. Heights.
2. Mayonaise.
3. Not being happy.
4. Failing.
5. Not being there when someone needed me.
6. My future children.

FIVE Things I Don't Like:
1. Mayonaise. Unless it’s the acoustic version of a Smashing Pumpkins song of the same name.
2. Bitchiness.
3. Conceit.
4. White Creamy Foods – I’m getting better.
5. Silence.

FOUR Ways to Turn Me Off:
1. Be disrespectful and not have remorse.
2. Do things to hurt someone on purpose.
3. Tell me something negative about myself when I’m already feeling vulnerable.
4. Be boring.

THREE Things I Do Every Day:
1. Listen to music.
2. Think about and talk to the woman.
3. Think about sex.

TWO Things that Make Me Happy:
1. Love.
2. Music.

ONE Thing On My Mind Right Now:
That I should be doing a million other things right now – but instead I’m doing this – which I’ve wanted to do for days. I’m thinking how I should be doing my next Sirius mix, but instead I’m listening to an amazing Jazz album by Herbie Hancock called “Possibilities.” How I’m glad I have the day to be able to do things like blog, listen to jazz, do my laundry and relax just a bit. I also hope that I can do the same thing once I’m married. Thinking about how the beginning of this version of “I just called to say I love you” is so amazing.

There’s probably only one time when there’s only one thing on my mind.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Woke up in New York Ci-Tay! Ok, now most of you know I like a lot of bizarre things, do bizarre things and such. So tonight I went to - hold laughter - a Ricky Martin concert. Now before you start to yell GAY in Spanish (hold that for the weekend at Pure or that other night I'm still trying to forget) - understand that the place was filled with 95% women. So this may have been a single man's (and I AM NOT SINGLE) oasis. I watched women get hit on while walking up the stairs, and for the most part the crowd was very attractive. Ok now, I was expecting a boring experience. However, it was actually very different. To my surprise - the show was very good. There were video screens that could have been designed by the same people that do the Nine Inch Nails live video shows. Japanese anime with some pounding technoish music during his costume changes. That was a cool experience. A bunch of the songs went right with what was on the screens and there were 4 separate screens which really made an amazing visual experience to it all. Now, ok musically - the band was really good. They reinterpreted a lot of the hits. Which actually was really refreshing - since I was expecting it to be just played out song after played out song. There was one hit that used what sounded like "Pass the Courvoisier, Part 2" as the beat. Another sounded like if you mixed Busta Rhymes "Dangerous" with Nelly Furtado's "Powerless."
So the show almost ended with really long guitar solo that if it was Pearl Jam's "Alive" - would've had the place going nuts. However, it's Ricky Martin and people were bored. Until of course - he dropped that new reggaeton club banger which I believe made women scream at dB levels I didn't know existed. Only a gay guy can make a girl scream like that without touching her! When a girl screams like that in daily life, that means they call the cops. Oddly enough, I think I had more fun than my mother.

I actually ALMOST lost it when he started doing Capoeira and the band started singing "paranaue." If you don't get this - it's ok - see the awesomely bad movie "Only The Strong" and call up Mike Musco. If you don't have any idea what the fuck I'm talking about, you're actually wrong. You know this song. Anyways, Whoever conceptualized the concert was a genius. Too bad he's employed by Ricky Martin and not someone else.

To finish this talk - Pure on FRIDAY!!!! Will I play Ricky Martin's "I Don't Care (LEX Remix)" Probably not.

OK - so onto part 2 - I saw Tom Cavanaguh from my new favorite show "Love Monkey" while walking to the concert. This show isn't the best thing ever - but it really relates to me, my life, my massive collection of music information, the kind of job I wish I had, and most importantly my ADHD. Watch a show, get some cool indie-pop music in your life and see 20 second guest appearances. Ben Folds and LeAnn Rimes in the last episode. And we all know how many times I've seen that person on stage. Ben Folds that is! One Ricky Martin concert, let's not go Crazy. SONG TITLE by Artist! Damn - They should hire me to write for them.

Anyways - moving on - backwards - Sunday was the Superbowl - now I'm happy cuz she's happy. But if I hear "One for the Thumb" again - that thumb is gonna go somewhere the sun doesn't shine. Ok - stop - it was 1 fucking Ricky Martin concert!

Saturday night was really good. Sarah and I went to see Slava's Snowshow. A bizarre event that was sad, and funny and ended up with me having little pieces of confetti / snow in my undershirt. At the end of the show we had been hit with bubbles, water, smoke, tons of snow confetti and then balls. Ok enough with the Ricky Martin! Big blown up balloon balls that were hit around the audience. It was a fun experience all together. I think kids would really love it, as did the group of 7th graders behind us. They kept throwing all the snow onto their teachers. Hell if it's February in NYC and it's 60 degrees - I'll take snow any way I can!

After Sarah and I headed over to our new favorite place to eat - Punch. The food was excellent - all of it. It's rare that we go out and order appetizers, a meal and desert. But it was all just fantastic. Ok - the chocolate syrup tasted a bit burnt - but that was it! I'd go back in a second, and it's really priced moderately. A much better deal than many other places in the area.

Ok - So rehearsal went pretty well last week. At least I think so. Karen may stop blogging about it, but that's her business. She told me to settle down and stop being so nervous, which for me is pretty fucking impossible when I'm doing something like this. But I'm doing my best. We'll see how Thursday night goes! I have to be sure to tape Survivor.

So that's about it - so glad so many people are coming to Pure on Friday. It should be a hell of a time! We'll have a GAY OLD TIME!!!!!!!!!! (Best link of the day)

Ok - I think I need some sleep.


PS - I tried to find the translation to "Weppa" - but either it's not spelled correctly or doesn't technically mean anything. Anyone, anyone, Bueller?