Saturday, June 25, 2005

Stop this bus! Ok thanks

Man - I'm actually sitting down - its been a crazy couple of weeks - since I last posted... I've had 7 DJ jobs - all over NY, NJ, and PA. Had another laser eye evaluation - had massive amounts of lack of sleep - and have spent about 8 waking hours with the fiance. Oh right an the 40 hours a week at my counseling job.

but all for the most part is good. Lots of random spur of the moment DJ jobs - all which have gone reasonably well. Had some great nights (St. John's Sorority Formal) - and some not so great nights (Marvin's brother's graduation party) - oddly enough I just named the 1st and last parties.

Then we had some strange ones in between - Pride in Philly (very fun, despite an inconsistent crowd till 11pm - still wonder why they hire the straight guy to do pride? - not complaining - trust me)
and there was the show with Kukurudu - first time with a live drummer - well aside from me bring drunk on new years or 4th of July. And I guess that's really just me playing with myself. Anyways! There was also a belly dancer - We should have pics of that really soon. As well as some backwards pics of me drumming and Jamie with headphones on.

So today I'm off to my friend Adam's "I was supposed to married today party" - which will be an interesting day - and as I've told him I hope it doesn't become a "I want to jump off a bridge party"

And tonight and tomorrow - I actually get to see the fiance - which is nice - and I only know what she looks like over the past 3 weeks as a) asleep or b) before I'm fully awake. She is wearing a skirt today - that makes me happy.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

4th Of July

So here's the invitation you've all been waiting for. Sneak peek for those that view my blog :)

Come one, come all - just come!

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Pure on Sunday

here's something that made my day - hope there's a good turn out sunday!
Right click and go to "play" to start and stop the animation or click here for a fullscreen shot.

This will only be up for a few days - cuz i'm sure it'll annoy the hell out of everyone. Kinda like the whistling - and the girls voice.

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