Friday, March 18, 2005

take it

i don't have a total point to this - lots of my stress is gone - so very happy right now. Over the weekend I had 2 dj jobs that were crazy. Friday was the new club - I made my money - but it wasn't the best turnout - and they weren't that into club music. or any music for that matter. Some of them were really into complaining though!

The gay wedding I DJ-ed went amazing. And i got a voice mail from Billy Carroll today telling me that groom and the groom loved me. So i was (still am) very happy about it. One of them is a pretty high profile individual. I will tell you that Sam Champion is a queen. And to quote Marvin - "oh i've seen him in heels at the roxy." Funny Shit! When I told Sarah's uncle he immediately yelled "i knew it" - apparently Sarah's aunt and uncle had a discussion about Sammy a few months back.

So now next friday - it's back to philly - which I'm very happy about. I'm also excited for some new music coming around - like the new NIN - the hand that feeds. And looking forward to may to see them live - again.

Sarah's off to LA for the weekend - so i can sleep late Saturday - which is kinda nice. I'm happy I have a weekend mostly free. Kinda nice. So if you're around - feel free to give me a ring - i'm looking to get out for a bit at some point. possible options - clubs, skiing, music shopping, working on car, nothing, star wars trilogy. and anything else that may come up.

take it


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Holy CRAP!

Ok that link - its the new usher - and it might be the worst written song ever! You decide right here. Man - how does someone make money doing that. makes my think britney could sing the Anamaniac's "Countries of the World" and it be a hit. God - how do the ears of human beings not just turn off forever when you hear this heartfelt ballad by usher - "oo baby if you log onI'll make you dot com" - fuck! Makes Right Said Fred a lyrical fucking genius and maybe "I'm too sexy" deserves a Grammy. FUCK! Ok I'm done - I hope.

This comes at a time where I'm actually pretty happy with music. The new alt rock coming around is phenomenal. Not that I like it all, but its refreshing none the less. Noteable are The Bravery. A new band from NYC, thats been getting lots of buzz. Check'em out if you get a chance. iTunes has some of their stuff. Nine Inch Nails, Garbage and Beck all have new albums by May. So I think I should make up a new music fund. Although this has been helping me get some new music and enjoy my favorite soda. (as reported in the last post)

So much has gone on - and so much is coming up. I really can't believe it's been a month without updating this. There's been so much going on - we'll recap.

I'm almost healed from the whole snowboarding protien bar impalement senario. Got an x-ray, no problems. Just 6 weeks of feeling like a complete tool. Hoping to get back to the gym this week or next week. Just in time to drop $200 for membership. Been working a lot, and there's been a lot ging on all around. I did get to go to lake placid and do some cool things. I posted 2 pics below - Bob-O-Sledding - Craziness at 60mph.

This past weekend was Sarah's birthday extravaganza. From a great sushi dinner to a trip to the met - She seemingly shook out of the birthday funk she was in. I'm sure she'll tell everyone about it.

As for me - a few other things. This Friday - March 11 and Friday - March 25

There's a big private party this coming Saturday which I hope goes well. After all that we're almost in April - which is def crazyiness. So till next time.


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