Monday, March 27, 2006

New Blog to Read

I would like to introduce to you the love child of the THS class president of 1996 and 1997. He was also a crossdresser in SING 97. The best to Anthony and GeriAnne!


Saturday, March 18, 2006

If Only It Were Fiction

Saranne 03: if only it were fiction

Sarah and I saw this a few weeks back while in the mall - and thought - what the fuck. Next week what is it? Backwaxing next to the Gap? Pedicures in the fountain outside Sears? Sometimes, this island is just so fucking scary. And to make matters worse there will be this.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The End Of The Day

So after we had bomb scare #2 at work today - and waking up sick again - the day ended somewhat ok. I did book another wedding - which is very good obviously. However, it's kinda hard to go to work tomorrow and expect to actually get anything done - for the 4th day in a row. But just incase the day couldn't get any worse - I find this site. This is an audio daily double people - turn it up!!! I will be sure to write an uplifting gospel track about arthritis next week! Now I mean, there's PR, and then there's this. This makes me want to get Glaucoma so I can get high, and maybe then the song will be good.

Other than that - I'm off to bed - doctor in the morning and another sonogram tomorrow! Hopefully I won't be in the office if the terrorist fuck at work strikes again.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

A little piece of everything...

So it's been a bizarre week - as they all tend to be. However this one is a bit different. I had a lot of fun and a lot of disturbances, relaxing however - well thats happening now. 12:30am on a lonely Saturday night. I'm sure my parents are having more fun right now in Vegas.

So let's start with music and wrok our way on -
I've been listening to KT Tunstall for the past couple of weeks - I will say that - as the album isn’t earth shattering or all that inventive. “Heal Over” may be one of my favorite songs of the year - possibly falling even into the best of ever category. There’s so many things about that one song that make it so amazing, from the production to the hook and back again. The "warmth" of the song once it really kicks in is just mind blowing. She wasn't well known, but then you get a top album in the UK, and people start listening (also see Artic Monkeys). However, sometimes mainstream music is actually good. In Britain. Sarah also told me about Corinne Bailey Rae, my first reaction to the single being played on BBC1 on Sirius was that I was done with the post-Jem / Natasha Bettingfield chick electro pop with actual talent sound. I know you probably have no idea what that means. However, after listening to Corinne's other tracks - I was trying to find out where she was playing live on Monday in the city. In any case - she's also good. Either wait for the US release ofthe album, or simply ask me for it.

Speaking of Sirius - I finally heard my Area 33 mix. Granted it was the last 4 minutes of it as I left a post-work happy hour at 10:55pm. But I finally heard it. You can always check out my website for some of those sets. My site administrator has actually been listening when I tell him it's on - cool - and bizarre.

Now we move on to other things - the play has been going well. I think. Still paranoid that we're supposed to be "off book" in 3 weeks. Which to all those non-thespians - a word I did not know the definition of and I felt like an uneducated ass fuck at work 2 weeks ago - means to have your lines memorized. Yeah, no.

Now we talk about the bizarre. Part 1 - Bizarre - yet funny. Natalie Portman on SNL.

Part 2 - Bizarre - yet disturbing. This past week - we've had hate crimes, anti-semetic grafitti and a bomb scare at work. Now, I assure you - this isn't fun. And more distrubing about it - is that it's most likely an employee. Things are only getting a bit more scary - as Wednesday it was anti-semetic words written in 12 places on our walls. Thursday - it was water in the toaster and microwave - followed by 4 phone lines being cut. Then at 11:15am on Friday - BOMB - written on a piece of paper in the copy room. This obviously created panic all around. Stores evacuated - the whole deal. We were cleared to go back in - but everyone was left a bit shaken by the end of the day.
For me - my adrenaline was on - I tend to deal with crisis situations well, but I crash big time after them. And that was what happened.

Fortunately - last night was fun at the house - probably more fun than my parents had in Vegas!

Till next time.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Springsteen sings the PS3 Chorus

I think when Bruce Springsteen begins to cover songs I sang in chorus in PS3 when I was 9 - he may have jumped the shark. However - it is nice to know who wrote some of these songs. Thanks to Pete Seeger - no relation to The Silver Bullet Band.

Springsteen's back with Seeger's songs


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Disturbing..but not in a PETA way

Sarah writes: I started to read it and then I got really upset and had to stop. It's so scary that people like that exist.

Sicko "Marriage Contract" One For The Ages

This is an article - no pictures of animals being mistreated. Unless however - by animal you mean "Travis Frey" and by mistreated you mean "should be shot" - than this article may be as disturbing as that link to the PETA video a while back.