Monday, December 18, 2006

A Social Experiment

2 examples of my of social experiences from the weekend and a video daily double.

In a bit of irony - this happened to me at a video game store the other day. The clue here is in the name of the um, um, clerk.

Frank - Do you have the Nunchuk for the Wii?
Clerk - We had 2 this morning, but they sold out.
Frank - They're sold out everywhere
Clerk - Yeah we got a whole box of them a week ago and people just went crazy and bought them all in a few days.
Frank - Wow
Clerk - Bunch of savages in this town.

Proceeded by laughter on both parts.

At a small bar where I DJed on Saturday. I will use WTB to stand for White Trash Bitch.

WTB - I don't know if you notice, but this isn't what people want to hear
Me - Oh, well I was told to play more dance and hip hop.
WTB - Maybe that's OK later, but we want to hear some 90s alternative rock and maybe 60s. But not the 80s, because that decade was terrible.
Me - Oh ok, I'll see what I can get on for you.
WTB - Obviously you have no idea what you're doing, you have to play better music.
Me - (sarcastic)Thank You
WTB - Oh my, thats the nastiest "Thank You" I've heard in a year and a half.
Me - (breaking and starting to laugh - but trying not to full out make this woman spit her 3 yellow teeth at me) - So, a year and a half ago, what happened then.
WTB - That's the last time someone said "Thank You" that nasty.
Me - Right

And the video daily double

What's Your Pop Secret? Mine is, yes that's Mike Musco and a bowl of popcorn.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

A few odd balls

Saturday Night Live finally has picked up their game in the last few seasons - mainly with the inclusion of a NOT live segment. This is known as "An SNL Digital Short." You may have seen "Lazy Sunday" or the classic "Natalie Portman Rap" which I know I posted about some time ago. So here's another one. Makes me like JT even more and gives you a great idea for that last minute Kwanzaa gift. Be careful - it's catchy!

So after that you can look at this - Dance Trent, Dance

Now I'm excited - but NIN as Hot Dance Single? Even the NIN sites are sort of shocked - I assure you I never heard a mix of this on KTU. Oh maybe that's because KTU only plays music from 1996 and before. Hell I've never even played it out - and I just mixed NIN's Closer with Beyonce's Irreplaceable on Saturday night. There's a new NIN DVD coming out on February 27, 2007. It looks amazing. It's being released in DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Not that anyone actually owns a Blu-Ray player yet. We're being told a new album will be finished in early 2007. Which if all goes well means we will see it in stores in 2009.

I'm slacking on my best of songs and albums for the year, but I assure you it is coming and there will be some really obvious choices and some odd balls. Really, what else would you expect from me.

In the helping a brother out category - I was sent some nice gifts the other day from for the AXE Recovery Top Hangover Songs List. Check out the site (you do have to register and stuff) but it's sort of an interesting musical discussion. Take a quick guess which one I chose.

Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Fairytale of New York - The Pogues
2000 B.C. - Basehead
Here Comes a Regular - The Replacements
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - George Thoroughgood
Louder - Lo Fi Funk
Power - Kid Congo Powers
Van Drunk - The Scud Mountain Boys
Low Side of the Road - Tom Waites
I Am Wasted But I'm Ready - Ben Kweller
May You Never - John Martyn
The Bar Is A Beautiful Place - Ryan Adams
Coffee and TV - Blur
Poison Cup - M. Ward

Finally - I will be checking out Kevin Devine at Maxwell's in Hoboken on January 5. Be sure to come and check him out and see why he made my list of the best albums of 2006. Whoops...


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Holiday Panic

As much as I love the holidays - some people like them more. Like the people that are waiting in 30 degree cold at 9:45am waiting for Best Buy to open - are already playing Christmas music non stop - or um this lady.

Yes those are antlers on her VW. Maybe I'm just a bit behind this year. Maybe I need to dust off "A Very Special Christmas - Volume 1" and rock out to one of my favorite tunes - "Christmas in Hollis" by Run-DMC.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chapter 11

11 years ago - December 1, 1995.

My mother and my aunt decide to open up a store based on a store they frequented in Ozone Park, Queens. It was a place to have kids birthday parties and adult women to have a night away from their own lives. So "Plaster Art" was born. It quickly became a staple part of the community. My first girlfriend was their first worker and did so for about 5 years. Tommy's sister worked there. My cousin's worked there. My sister worked there. Actually, I think I may have even done a few parties there - and I know my brother did. Tommy's mother also spent many week nights there with a number of other women - and I believe there were even nights that alcohol was involved.

In short - you picked out a piece which ranged from cars to baseball plaques to large pedestals. Then you painted it however you'd like. Kinda like Kindergarten - except at a store. The kids loved it - as did the parents. It came at a time where kids parties were becoming increasingly more expensive - $18 a kid for bowling or a trip to "Fun Bubble."

Over the past few years - rent steadily increased and income did not go along with that. So today - after a 2 week sale - we sat and ate pizza for the last time there. Thought about the funny times and then tomorrow the doors will lock for good. It was very reminiscent of the last "Growing Pains" episode - if you remember that at all.

So - goodbye "Plater Art" - thanks for letting kids and adults get Plastered for the last 11 years.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


Watch this - it's funny and - well - I have an appearance. Good job Karen!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The biggest event of my career

This event will be insane - the place will be at capacity - which is around 1300. The largest crowd I've ever played for. If you want to join me on my career pinnacle - let me know. And can you really beat an open bar for 1 1/2 hours?

I'm already nervous - but I'm so looking forward it.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Dance Your Cares Away...

To the movie theatre - Fraggle Rock - The Movie/ I know its not a music post - well ok now it is.

Dance your cares away,
Worry's for another day.
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.

Work you cares away,
Dancing's for another day.
Let the Fraggles play,
We're Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red.

Dance your cares away,
Worry's for another day.
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.
Down at Fraggle Rock.
Down at Fraggle Rock.

Now life is again good.

Monday, October 09, 2006

2 Random Pics

This one is of the Union Square clock - located on the south side of 14th st. As I sat down it had just turned Midnight - and was followed by a deep breath of relief. Oh and right - and fucking amazing hot chocolate from here.

In the bathroom at chocolate heaven - found the mirror funny - and found it more funny how the picture came out.

Flashback Friday

So on Friday I went to see KT Tunstall at Webster Hall. Her opening act was a man by the name of Kevin Devine. I was very excited for this show. I had never seen KT live - and since her album is amazing, has one of my favorite tracks of the year on it and know that she uses lots of live loops and effects - I thought I'd go. Now Friday was the beginning of an interesting weekend, and despite a Yankee loss - it was a great night.

I walked around an area of Manhattan (3rd ave & 11th) for a bit - somewhere that reminds me of a very different time. Circa 1997-1998. When I used to go and hang out with him before he left NYU. Standing on the corner next to the movie theater - where I saw a movie that I shouldn't mention ever - it was very relaxing.

So on to the reason for the blog...

(I will be putting up the mp3s of these songs here - they're also linked below - this will not be up indefinitely)

This is the second time I've seen Kevin Devine perform live. Now this may not be a shock if I said that about most music acts - but it was about 11 years ago. At the JCC on Arthur Kill Rd which is approx 10 mins from my house. He was in a band called "Delusion" which was one of the biggest bands in the SI rock scene at the time. Yes there was a SI rock scene - and it was very popular. So I saw Kevin after his set, congratulated him on the show and the major label debut CD released next Tuesday and told him that I still had a Delusion 45 record. I also told him that "Falter" is still one of my favorite songs. (Side note - because of that song - "falter" is one of my favorite words. That would be my answer if I'm ever on Inside the Actors Studio) So I came home found the record and ripped it - and also found the lyric sheet. So there's song 1.

Pic of Kevin and KT Tunstall rocking out to The Flaming Lips "She Don't Use Jelly"

Delusion - Falter

I have to forget, you even exist
but I can't block it out
And I try to try
not to try anymore
it makes it all so trying

And I'd like to change,
but I waiver way too much
And I falter sometimes
because it's easy to stay the same

And I'd like to erase
the scar you put on my back
but I falter sometimes
it hurts too much
I cannot stop the bleeding

And I ask for you nothing at all
sometimes that's just what you give
sometimes that's just what you give
and I don't know
what you did what you did

why do I care anymore

And I'd like to change,
but I waiver way too much
And I falter sometimes
because it's easy to stay the same

And I'd like to erase
the scar you put on my back
but I falter sometimes
it hurts too much
I cannot stop the bleeding

It's everything I'd cry about
that isn't worth the waste of tears
and it's everything I'd laugh about
but it's everything I wish
That I feared

And I'd like to change,
but I waiver way too much
And I falter sometimes
because it's easy to stay the same

And I'd like to erase
the scar you put on my back
but I falter sometimes
it hurts too much
I cannot stop the bleeding


KT Tunstall doing the solo Jackson 5 jam

So KT Tunstall rocked as well. She played every song on her album I think. Plus 2 or 3 from a live CD. As mentioned before - she played a Flaming Lips cover - however the best part was at the end when she gave us 1 more song which was a cover of one of my favorite songs EVER!!

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

When I had you to myself
I didn't want you around
Those pretty faces always make you stand out in a crowd
But some one picked you from the bunch
when love was all it took
Now it's much too late for me to take a second look.
Oh baby give me one more chance
won't you please take me
back to your heart
Oh darlin I was blind to let you go
But now since I see you in his arms
I want you back
Yes I do now
I want you back
Ooh ooh baby
I want you back
Ya ya ya ya
Na na na na
Tryin to live without your love
Is one long sleepless night
Let me show you girl
that I know wrong from right
Every street you walked right on
With a tear stain on the ground
Following the girl
I didn't even want around
Let me tell you now
Oh baby all I need is one more chance
(to show you that I love you)
Won't you please take me
(back to your heart)
Oh darlin I was blind to let you go
(let you go baby)
But now since I see you in his arms
A buh buh buh buh buh(5 times)
All I want
All I need
All I want
All I need
Spare me of this cause
Gimme back our love oh baby

While she was playing - I thoght "oh that's what the hell the words are!" So my reccomendation is to pick up Kevin's album on the 17th and try to catch KT when she comes around again.

Next concert is Wednesday - Basement Jaxx @ Webster Hall with Tom G. Which will really help in bringing this all full circle.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cankles Thursday @ Roxy

I absolutely laughed outloud when I got this e-mail the other day. It's actually pretty interesting. Who do I have to go down on to get to DJ This event? Um - Well... Nevermind.

Now I actually support her - not enough to shell out $50 on a Thursday night - but I support Hillary. If anyone goes - of if you know anyone that is going - please let me know. I'd love to know the setlist. Let's open up the comments for that. Person that comes up with the best 3 songs that should be played will - be the winner!

I heard that you save $10 if you show up wearing something that accents not having ankles.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So enter the obscure and the 80s. Howard Jones is one of those people whose songs you know - but have no idea who the hell he is. Well at least that was my case. Sirius helped me out with figuring out who sang "Things Can Only Get Better" which is one of my favorite 80s tracks of obscurity. Up there with Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out" and Talk Talk's "It's My Life" - so accurately covered by No Doubt a few years back. Yes that was a cover.

So here's a track that could easily be covered by Ben Folds and make it sound just as good. As an added bonus - here's a link for Ben Folds covering The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights." Gotta love when indie covers indie.


PS - There are all links to iTunes above. I am going to try and start posting these songs as MP3s if I can figure out a good way to do it.

Howard Jones - No One Is To Blame

You can look at the menu but you just cant eat
You can feel the cushions but you cant have a seat
You can dip your foot in the pool but you cant have a swim
You can feel the punishment but you cant commit the sin
And you want her and she wants you
We want everyone
And you want her and she wants you
No one, no one, no one ever is to blame
You can build a mansion but you just cant live in it
Youre the fastest runner but youre not allowed to win
Some break the rules
And live to count the cost
The insecurity is the thing that wont get lost
And you want her and she wants you
We want everyone
And you want her and she wants you
No one, no one, no one ever is to blame
You can see the summit but you cant reach it
Its the last piece of the puzzle but you just cant make it fit
Doctor says youre cured but you still feel the pain
Aspirations in the clouds but your hopes go down the drain
And you want her and she wants you
We want everyone
And you want her and she wants you
No one, no one, no one ever is to blame
No one ever is to blame
No one ever is to blame

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ironic...and not Alanis

2 songs - 1 you know - 1 you may or may not know. Let's start with the one you know.

Covered recently by the Counting Crows (and then Vanessa Carlton was added on) this song made a resurgence. It apparently was included in the movie "2 Weeks Notice" which, I will say, I have never seen. Written by Joni Mitchell and covered about a billion times, this one is obviously a classic. This was originally released in 1970, which I would say is ahead of its time, but I'm sure what was going on then, is very similar to now. Although, on good old Staten Island, I would say put up a parking lot, 18 row houses and 38 traffic lights. And that was last week alone. Oddly enough, this reminds me of this chick that was a secretary at my last job in Jersey. I copied the Joni Mitchell "hits" CD from her. On a side note, she's the only girl I've ever met that I know had a breast reduction. Which, I guess adds to the irony of this post.

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique
and a swinging hot spot
Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum
And they charged all the people
A dollar and a half to see 'em
Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And they put up a parking lot

Hey farmer farmer
Put away that D.D.T. now
Give me spots on my apples
But leave me the birds and the bees
Dont it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

Late last night
I heard the screen door slam
And a big yellow taxi
Took away my old man
Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

So let's rewind a few weeks. Clerks 2. Aside from being a fabulous and hysterical movie, and a great scene about beast - um - ok - nevermind (Just incase Joel Siegel is reading). It did include some great songs. Soul Asylum, Jackson 5 (with a dance sequence) and this one. This was the opening sequence track. I had heard it years ago and have been listening to it a lot lately. I always like the Talking Heads and find this a song funny and sarcastic. It becomes more surreal as I run in the new park by my house and think about moving out. So this is the ironic flipside to Big Yellow Taxi.

Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers
Here we stand
Like an Adam and an Eve
The Garden of Eden
Two fools in love
So beautiful and strong
The birds in the trees
Are smiling upon them
From the age of the dinosaurs
Cars have run on gasoline
Where, where have they gone?
Now, it's nothing but flowers

There was a factory
Now there are mountains and rivers
you got it, you got it

We caught a rattlesnake
Now we got something for dinner
we got it, we got it

There was a shopping mall
Now it's all covered with flowers
you've got it, you've got it

If this is paradise
I wish I had a lawnmower
you've got it, you've got it

Years ago
I was an angry young man
I'd pretend
That I was a billboard
Standing tall
By the side of the road
I fell in love
With a beautiful highway
This used to be real estate
Now it's only fields and trees
Where, where is the town
Now, it's nothing but flowers
The highways and cars
Were sacrificed for agriculture
I thought that we'd start over
But I guess I was wrong

Once there were parking lots
Now it's a peaceful oasis
you got it, you got it

This was a Pizza Hut
Now it's all covered with daisies
you got it, you got it

I miss the honky tonks,
Dairy Queens, and 7-Elevens
you got it, you got it

And as things fell apart
Nobody paid much attention
you got it, you got it

I dream of cherry pies,
Candy bars, and chocolate chip cookies
you got it, you got it

We used to microwave
Now we just eat nuts and berries
you got it, you got it

This was a discount store,
Now it's turned into a cornfield
you got it, you got it

Don't leave me stranded here
I can't get used to this lifestyle

Hmm - where do we go next?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Long overdue...

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

This officially becomes the first song I'm ever able to play on guitar. Which I will say - I'm pretty damn proud of. Granted, its simple, but its a great song. I remember listening to this and thinking about how this song really was scary. How it could be so close to what I was feeling, although the whole album is like that. "Gray's Anatony" used this song at the end of last season, which is most likely how it ever landed itself on Z100. Which was a shock to me and Jillian when we were eating pizza at 5am on the Lower East Side. Both our drunk asses couldn't believe that it was on. So now I play this just about every night before I go to sleep. To practice the guitar and think through the words of a great Irish band (move over U2 and the Cranberries).

We'll do it all
On our own

We don't need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see

I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe

7 years ago I went to Wroxton, England. On what will end up one of the best and life changing experiences of my life. I was 19 and had no idea what to expect in a foreign land. I had previously been to Japan in the 8th grade, which was the extent of getting out of the country. I had actually never been west of Pennsylvania, aside from that trip. So I get there, thinking that I'm trying to be a DJ from NYC and that dance music will be a good thing for me to stock up on. I remember being in a record store - an HMV in Piccadilly Circus I believe, near the first H&M I had ever been in. This song was playing in the store and asked the guy what it was and if they had it. He said no, but it was coming out the following week. I did buy a double mixed CD called "Ibiza Euphoria," which was amazing, that day - but more importantly knew that this song was going to be one of my favorites. The next week I bought 2 copies of the CD single of Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe - "Sun Is Shining." I sent one to Tommy for his birthday, who was still DJing at the time (and is instrumental in helping developing into the DJ I am today) for him to hear this amazing song. It didn't change his life the way it did for me, but every time I listen to this song it just makes life a bit better. Takes me back to a place that is soothing for my soul and makes me feel all warm inside. I guess you put some dance beats with Bob Marley and you can't really go wrong, although the follow up of "Rainbow Country" was less impressive. It became one of the best songs in 1999 in Europe, but most importantly became an anthem for our little class of 33. So for me, I know that at any given moment, I can put on that song and have it come "To The Rescue." As I listen to it now - 7 years has gone by. Unreal. Enjoy it - I'm jealous.

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah
Make you wanna move your dancing feet now

When the mornin´ gather the rainbow,
Want you to know, I'm a rainbow too
To the rescue, here I am
Want you to know, y'all, can you understand?

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah
Make you wanna move your dancing feet now
When the mornin´ gather the rainbow,
Want you to know, I'm a rainbow too
To the rescue, here I am
Want you to know, y'all, can you understand?

Do you believe me? (x 5)

I'm a rainbow too (x 7)

But to the rescue, here I am
Want you to know just if you can,
here I stand

To the rescue, here I am
Want you to know, y'all, can you understand?
[Sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah
Make you wanna move your dancing feet now]

To the rescue, here I am
Want you to know, y'all, can you understand?
[When the mornin´ gather the rainbow,
Want you to know, I'm a rainbow too]

Three's a crowd...

So let's start back off - I'm adding this first Smashing Pumpkins song and then as promised almost 2 months ago, I will soon post about both Snow Patrol and Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe.

Smashing Pumpkins - Muzzle

As I think I've said a lot - sometimes it takes a while for me to really get a song - or have it make sense in my own head. Mellon Collie came out in 1995 - got it a few days early thanks to a record store (Our Music Center) that used to sell new albums on the Friday they came in and not wait for the official release date on Tuesday. Yeah, it was more expensive, but to be the person that knew all the lyrics for the most anticipated album of 1995 before everyone else. That was heaven. I also remember getting it on my birthday and being so excited that I got it and even more excited there was a song called 1979. The year I was born. It was surreal for my 16th birthday. This was also around when Z100 was cool (yes, they were!!!) and they played a live Smashing Pumpkins show from Chicago on Monday night before the album release.

I listened to this whole album today - beginning to end - and almost forgot how great it was. Yeah some songs were loud and distorted (XYU) and some were really cute (Lily, My One and Only) but overall one of the best albums ever. I believe it still sits behind Pink Floyd's The Wall as the best selling double original album of all time. I've listened to Muzzle a million times and today - it jumps out at me. In a sort of hey shit happens - but life still goes on - sort of way. I guess I realize that when I think things are figured out, it's time to panic and wait for the unexpected.

I fear that I'm ordinary, just like everyone
To lie here and die among the sorrows
Adrift among the days
For everything I ever said
And everything I've ever done is gone and dead
As all things must surely have to end
And great lovers will one day have to part
I know that I am meant for this world
My life has been extraordinary
Blessed and cursed and won
Time heals but I'm forever broken
By and by the way...
Have you ever heard the words
I'm singing in these songs?
It's for the girl I've loved all along
Can a taste of love be so wrong
As all things must surely have to end
And great lovers will one day have to part
I know that I am meant for this world
And in my mind as I was floating
Far above the clouds
Some children laughed I'd fall for certain
For thinking that I'd last forever
But I knew exactly where I was

And I knew the meaning of it all
And I knew the distance to the sun
And I knew the echo that is love
And I knew the secrets in your spires
And I knew the emptiness of youth
And I knew the solitude of heart
And I knew the murmurs of the soul
And the world is drawn into your hands
And the world is etched upon your heart
And the world so hard to understand
Is the world you can't live without
And I knew the silence of the world

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


have fun with this

here's an example of fun

Friday, June 02, 2006

Let's Play 2

2 songs for you -

Keane is a band that somehow I think my grandmother would like, which is a good thing. The lead singer has a voice that reminds me of a traditional 50s singer but they really can make some great rock music. Their latest song "Is it any wonder?" is from a new album being released later this month.

The chorus of this song definitely explains me lately. An odd feeling of constant exhaustion, stress and uncertainty.

Keane - Is It Any Wonder?

I.. I always thought that I knew
I'd always have the right to
be living in the kingdom of the good and true
It's so long that now I think I was wrong
and you were laughing along
And now I look a fool for thinking you were on...

My side,
Is it any wonder I'm tired?
Is it any wonder that I feel uptight?
Is it any wonder I don't know what's right?

Sometimes it's hard to know where I stand,
It's hard to know where I am,
Well maybe it's a puzzle I don't understand.
Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm
stranded in the wrong time
where love is just a lyric in a children's rhyme.

Is it any wonder I'm tired?
Is it any wonder that I feel uptight?
Is it any wonder I don't know what's right?
Oh, these days, after all the misery made,
Is it any wonder that I feel afraid?
Is it any wonder that I feel betrayed?

Nothing left inside this old cathedral,
just the sad, lonely spires,
How do you make it right?

Oh, but you try,
Is it any wonder I'm tired?
Is it any wonder that I feel uptight?
Is it any wonder I don't know what's right?
Oh, these days, after all the misery made,
Is it any wonder that I feel afraid?
Is it any wonder that I feel betrayed?

Pearl Jam - Footsteps

This song has always been a favorite of mine. I heard it performed live for the first time last week. Absolutely amazing, those 4 minutes with the harmonica were worth the price of admission. This song is a part of the "Pearl Jam Trilogy" along with Once and Alive, which they played in order that night. The haunting chorus of "I did what I had to do. If there was a reason, it was you" has become a lyric I have thought about many many times, surrounding a certain past relationship. It's one of those dark night, all alone songs.

Don't even think about reaching me. I won't be home.
Don't even think about stopping by. Don't think of me at all.

I did what I had to do. If there was a reason, it was you.

Aaah, don't even think about getting inside. Voices in my head. Ooh, voices.
I got scratches all over my arms. One for each day since I fell apart.

Ooh, I did, oh, what I had to do. If there was a reason it was you.

Footsteps in the hall... It was you, you.
Ooh, pictures on my chest... It was you. It was you...

Ooh, I did a what I had to do. Oh, and if there was a reason... Oh, there wasn't no reason. no.
And if there's something you'd like to do. Oh, just let me continue to blame you.

Footsteps in the hall... It was you, you.
Ooh, pictures on my chest... It was you, you. Oh

Next: Snow Patrol, Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe


Friday, May 26, 2006

the new ideas...

So as I said I think i'm going to turn my blog into a music one. Where I list a song and write about it.

So I think the idea will be to include the mp3s of the song soon. i think i'm going to make a whole new blog - we'll see. So here's 2 songs for today.

KT Tunstall - Heal Over

The first time I heard this song, I was amazed. I hadn't felt the power of music in a long time. It's the warmest song I've heard in years. Just amazing production. Reminds me of the first Zero 7 album, and how I felt when i first heard it. This is another song that I listened to over and over on those quiet dark rides down the parkway from rehearsal.
KT is pretty amazing though and so is her entire album. It will definitely be making the top 10 albums of 2006 for me. The lyrics in this song are pretty amazing, and she's an amazing songwriter. I assure you this album will not let you down.

Next: Keane - Is It Any Wonder

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's been a while...

So its been a long time since I wrote - and I'll assure you that this blog may not take a turn for the better. It may not be something that some people want to read (No, Jillian, no PETA pics). But I've avoided putting down things for longer than I would have liked out here. All over the internet.

I think what I will be doing for now is linking to random songs and lyrics that I either feel are hitting home right about now. Something inspired by this book. Now this will be both good and bad. Music's in my blood. So it's pretty appropriate to do this here. Or I could do the other idea I had. Which is make a new annonymous one. No links, or readers, just a place for me in my little head - documented on my computer, instead of in that book I carry around. Eh - who knows.

So a quick update on life and then onto the new idea.

Yesterday I DJed here. What a trip. I kinda felt cool doing this to be honest. Thanks to Peter for the reccomendation. I was a part of the show as I ham-ed it up with the host and then did a little 2 hour set for them. This company is amazing, and full of wonderful people, the quote of the day was from my brother said to me "I've been here for 4 hours, and still have no idea what this company does." I think I figured it out...eventually. Thanks to Kate, who told me is it now her mission in life to get me another DJ job. As much as that's really nice and I'm flattered, she needs to find a better life.

So that was all coming down from the high of the weekend in Philly. Returned to Pure for a wonderful night, and they're very excited to have me back in less than 3 weeks for the closing night of gay pride. Sunday, June 11. Where I will be playing what I believe is the longest set I've ever done. 9 1/2 hours. I already talked to James about getting some food up there or something. Karen may come along for the ride as well. Got to hear James and Jonathan spin seperately on Friday. Played a great set on Saturday night, and had 600 people singing along to "Express Yourself." I do believe I have to get an I (heart) Tre shirt for pride. Had 2 meals with Tommy, who was very proud of his latest work project which destroyed a huge pillar. Also spent some great time with Jeanette, a friend I haven't seen in a while, and whom I always forget I miss until I see her. We also ran into MJ (the light guy from Pure) on the street and hung out at his place for a while. Admired his cool eclectic taste in everything from paintings to furniture.

Oh, the play also finished up. All in all, it was fantastic. Had a blast. And it was only this week, that I really miss it. Well more I miss the great staff and the constant partying we did. I hear there will be a DVD soon.

So now for today's song. Hell - here's 2.

#1 Vedera - Lover's Lie

I listened to the acoustic version of this just about every night on the way back from rehearsal. Sometimes more than once. Check out Vedera on if you want. Great band.

#2 Counting Crows - Anna Begins

I've heard this song a thousand times before. But something about it grabbed me a few days ago. As I listened to it over and over today. It kept digging in. When I read the lyrics, I'm not totally sure I get it. But thats the beauty of it, and well it's written by Adam Duritz; so you know 2 things for sure. It's about a girl and heartache.

So thats all for today


Monday, April 03, 2006

Performing for 30

Tonight I got to go to the tech rehearsal for this. Needless to say it was fantastic - I saw Renee Fleming, John Williams, Itzhak Perlman, Kevin Klein and Peng Peng (pronounced Pong Pong) perform for about 30 people - most of which were staff for tomorrow's live show on As you know I'm a huge John Williams fan, and it was really amazing to hear the theme to "Schindler's List" conducted by the composer and performed by the person who recorded that sad violin.

2 quotes of the evening -

Who: From man in tech booth to person on stage
Context: Itzhak Perlman not happy with sound
Quote: "Ask him if he was happy with the sound at the Oscar's"

Who: Robin Williams via taped video
Context: Talking about Julliard
Quote: "It's kinda like jail - except with cellos"

This was all possible because Billy's partner Mitchell did the set design for it all. So thanks to both of them for remembering - I really appreciate it!! It couldn't have come at a better time.


Monday, March 27, 2006

New Blog to Read

I would like to introduce to you the love child of the THS class president of 1996 and 1997. He was also a crossdresser in SING 97. The best to Anthony and GeriAnne!


Saturday, March 18, 2006

If Only It Were Fiction

Saranne 03: if only it were fiction

Sarah and I saw this a few weeks back while in the mall - and thought - what the fuck. Next week what is it? Backwaxing next to the Gap? Pedicures in the fountain outside Sears? Sometimes, this island is just so fucking scary. And to make matters worse there will be this.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The End Of The Day

So after we had bomb scare #2 at work today - and waking up sick again - the day ended somewhat ok. I did book another wedding - which is very good obviously. However, it's kinda hard to go to work tomorrow and expect to actually get anything done - for the 4th day in a row. But just incase the day couldn't get any worse - I find this site. This is an audio daily double people - turn it up!!! I will be sure to write an uplifting gospel track about arthritis next week! Now I mean, there's PR, and then there's this. This makes me want to get Glaucoma so I can get high, and maybe then the song will be good.

Other than that - I'm off to bed - doctor in the morning and another sonogram tomorrow! Hopefully I won't be in the office if the terrorist fuck at work strikes again.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

A little piece of everything...

So it's been a bizarre week - as they all tend to be. However this one is a bit different. I had a lot of fun and a lot of disturbances, relaxing however - well thats happening now. 12:30am on a lonely Saturday night. I'm sure my parents are having more fun right now in Vegas.

So let's start with music and wrok our way on -
I've been listening to KT Tunstall for the past couple of weeks - I will say that - as the album isn’t earth shattering or all that inventive. “Heal Over” may be one of my favorite songs of the year - possibly falling even into the best of ever category. There’s so many things about that one song that make it so amazing, from the production to the hook and back again. The "warmth" of the song once it really kicks in is just mind blowing. She wasn't well known, but then you get a top album in the UK, and people start listening (also see Artic Monkeys). However, sometimes mainstream music is actually good. In Britain. Sarah also told me about Corinne Bailey Rae, my first reaction to the single being played on BBC1 on Sirius was that I was done with the post-Jem / Natasha Bettingfield chick electro pop with actual talent sound. I know you probably have no idea what that means. However, after listening to Corinne's other tracks - I was trying to find out where she was playing live on Monday in the city. In any case - she's also good. Either wait for the US release ofthe album, or simply ask me for it.

Speaking of Sirius - I finally heard my Area 33 mix. Granted it was the last 4 minutes of it as I left a post-work happy hour at 10:55pm. But I finally heard it. You can always check out my website for some of those sets. My site administrator has actually been listening when I tell him it's on - cool - and bizarre.

Now we move on to other things - the play has been going well. I think. Still paranoid that we're supposed to be "off book" in 3 weeks. Which to all those non-thespians - a word I did not know the definition of and I felt like an uneducated ass fuck at work 2 weeks ago - means to have your lines memorized. Yeah, no.

Now we talk about the bizarre. Part 1 - Bizarre - yet funny. Natalie Portman on SNL.

Part 2 - Bizarre - yet disturbing. This past week - we've had hate crimes, anti-semetic grafitti and a bomb scare at work. Now, I assure you - this isn't fun. And more distrubing about it - is that it's most likely an employee. Things are only getting a bit more scary - as Wednesday it was anti-semetic words written in 12 places on our walls. Thursday - it was water in the toaster and microwave - followed by 4 phone lines being cut. Then at 11:15am on Friday - BOMB - written on a piece of paper in the copy room. This obviously created panic all around. Stores evacuated - the whole deal. We were cleared to go back in - but everyone was left a bit shaken by the end of the day.
For me - my adrenaline was on - I tend to deal with crisis situations well, but I crash big time after them. And that was what happened.

Fortunately - last night was fun at the house - probably more fun than my parents had in Vegas!

Till next time.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Springsteen sings the PS3 Chorus

I think when Bruce Springsteen begins to cover songs I sang in chorus in PS3 when I was 9 - he may have jumped the shark. However - it is nice to know who wrote some of these songs. Thanks to Pete Seeger - no relation to The Silver Bullet Band.

Springsteen's back with Seeger's songs


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Disturbing..but not in a PETA way

Sarah writes: I started to read it and then I got really upset and had to stop. It's so scary that people like that exist.

Sicko "Marriage Contract" One For The Ages

This is an article - no pictures of animals being mistreated. Unless however - by animal you mean "Travis Frey" and by mistreated you mean "should be shot" - than this article may be as disturbing as that link to the PETA video a while back.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tonight we're gonna blog like it's 1998

I've been doing a small amount of pre-Spring computer cleaning and found some good stuff. In particular saved pages from my old AOL website. Which, despite what Allison said about the internet, is not still there.

So if I get some time I will put the site up again, it's mostly text pages with the old school jpegs and gifs. However, what I did like most about my site was the collection of seemingly now classic "Random Thoughts." So I will give you a few till I figure out what to do with the rest of the pages. So here they come from some familiar readers here - ok well maybe one or two.

9/24/98 Monica Lewinski is getting paid $450,000+ to model in Milan because of her new found noterity--If all you have to do to get half a mil is blow the president...then show me to the oval office (Tom G)

10/17/98 "Bring Back The Richard Bey Show" (Tommy M)

11/16/98 forget how much a shot of 151 hurts till you haven't had it in a long long time...(Jack)

Well on that note I'm going back to finishing up my next Sirius mix - make a few DJ phone calls - and actually send some time with the woman today.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The shit I get myself into

For a while I've been intrigued by a photography book - Now this probably doesn't surprise many of you. I'm a fan of both porn and photgraphy. I remember seeing this book at a Barnes & Noble in the city with Sarah and calling her over to see it. I thought the idea was fantastic. Both clothed and nude pictures of porn stars. Really done in the most artistic way you could. I know what you're thinking, but look at the book if you get a chance. It's nudity not sex. Sounds like an arguement from my play.
In any case - HBO did a special called "Thinking XXX" on the photgrapher, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, while making the book. This is because he's actually a highly regarded photgrapher and has done portraits of presidents.

So I'm watching it and I notice there's a gay male porn star that I recognize. Now, I will say I have seen 1 gay porn, ok 2 - 1 way thanks to my roomate freshman year at college who had to rent one for baseball initiation. However, he did decide to watch it...several times. The second was due to having actual gay roomates - that had porn. But I knew I knew him from somewhere else and I realised it is from working for Billy at a catering job, as a doorman. I did not realize that on 2 occacions it was the home of what seems to be (after a small google search) one of the biggest (on the HBO show - another man said he was the "biggest") gay porn stars around. Michael Lucas.
There are some days when I wonder how I get myself into shit like this, and somedays I kinda find it interesting.

So the past 3 posts should be enough links and reading for a while - enjoy.


Guido Fist Pump

I'm pretty sure, this is funny. If nothing else, it's something I've seen a billion times. Well usually by those that were old enough to get into the club. Unlike the little Guido here.

Gino the Ginny

For actually a much less funny look at this kid - he's on myspace

See - fucking people don't learn - remember the "A Bronx Tale"? Now Mr. Staring Actor's in jail.

Some people need to take themselves out.

That's today's public service announcement by Frank M, MA in Psychology

Sometimes I Just Don't Understand...

Here are two articles I read today - (Neither about PETA, Jillian!) The first is about these anti-gay protestors that picket at the funerals of those that lost their lives in Iraq.

The most disturbing line is this "His protesters carry signs thanking God for so-called IEDs -- explosives that are a major killer of soldiers in Iraq." Really what I do like about the article is they talk about the Patriot Guard Riders who are a group of 5,000 strong bikers that are there to counter the protestors.

Motorcyclists Roll to Soldiers' Funerals

Article #2 - Is this port selling debacle. Now I don't know how I feel - but it was funny since my Bush supporting father's first comment was that Mr. Pres would be outraged. On the contrary...

Bush Says Port Deal 'Ought to Go Forward'

So thats today's news - tune in next time where I will talk about how we almost went bowling in the city for $400.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why I spent the day in Frank Manzo

Last weekend - I spent a lot of time in bed. With Sarah, because - well - why not - but also because it was snowing a lot and we were in Philly. Today I spent the day in bed thanks to a night out with my friends. Now I'm what Goldman calls a "2 Beer Queer," however I call it "A Cheap Date." Which translates that I have a relatively low tolerance for alcohol and while drunk get very impulsive. So more beer sounds like a great idea after - oh let's say - 3 Irish Car Bombs. I don't remember how many drinks I had over the night - but it was a lot. Probably say - 1 Harp, 1 Coors Light, and 4 Guinesses. Aside from the Irish car Bombs.

So I woke up this morning feeling much better than I thought I would. Showered, got ready to go out, as I had a bridal expo and dinner with friends to get to - had some lunch and that's when God said - Boy! Are you fucking crazy? I was quickly banished and ordered to attend a prayer service in front of God, as he changed shape to a large porcelain object securely bolted to the floor and conveniently located in your bathroom. (Suddenly I feel like this should be done by Sweet Pussy Pauline)

Anyway - I called Sarah at several times during the day to tell her that I was about to leave since I felt better. All those times were again stopped with 15 minutes, by God saying - Motherfucker is you still there? (Ok now we're into Sweet Pussy Pauline) God really said - Lay down bitch, turn on the olympics and rest. If you don't I swear to Christ, my only son, that I will strike you down and when you wake up from your nap - NASCAR will be on and you will not have enough energy to change it and you may even find it interesting! So - well when God speaks - I listened. Or maybe not, because I was watching the Daytona 500 and found it interesting that 200,000 people were there watching this shit. I bet if you took the number of people there with mullets and divided by the number of collective teeth - you'd still have a number higher than all the brain cells there. In any case - Sarah yelled at me - which was a good thing. She told me (much like God did, she's my Goddess)- turn around girlfriend and listen to that boy's song - ok no - Sarah really said to stay in bed and stop trying to move, because then I'll still feel like shit tomorrow. She was right. In 5 minutes it will be tomorrow and as much as I feel better, I do hope tomorrow I can muster up the energy to do my laundry and whatever else I need to do.

However, on a good note - I did have a lot of fun with the crew. Glad we all got to go out and have fun - I think I may have taken the cake on stupidity, but really - such is life. So a much belated happy birthday to Fuji a man that would woop my ass in a game of Beer Survivor any time.

So I'm off to bed - despite kinda not being tired since I napped for several hours throughout the day. I will also leave you with this - - which I believe is like myspace for porn.

Thank God (really thanking him) for not giving former Presidents eternal life. Because then tomorrow I would be working.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Maybe I'm just bored

TEN Random Things You May Not Know About Me:
1. I have a bizarre photographic memory. I have memories of old experiences that are more like snapshots in my brain. Sometimes I can be in the photo, sometimes not. The first one I have is with my Grandma Helen on my Aunt Carol’s wedding day. It’s my only memory of her.
2. I was actually born in Long Island, and lived in Queens till I was 1 and then moved to Staten Island and have lived in this house since.
3. I’ve never broken a bone and have only had 1 trip to the ER when I was in high school. Knock wood.
4. My father wouldn’t let me go to Wroxton College unless I took a business course there.
5. I DJed my first party when I was about 12. I used a karaoke machine that had 2 tape decks and would cue up my cassette singles to when the song started to play music without stopping. I wouldn’t call it mixing – but that was the idea.
6. For as long as I can remember, the end of “Ghost” makes me cry.
7. I still have the address tag from my first dog Prissy. She was named after a character in Gone With The Wind.
8. I can’t throw things out. I collect everything. I have comic books, baseball cards, collector’s plates, autographs, cds, etc. I’m hoping one day I will sell them and make some money.
9. I tied my shoes in bunny ears until 1999. When 2 things happened – Sarah was appalled that I did that and I refused to tie steel toe Doc Martin’s with bunny ears.
10. I stare are everyone. When I’m walking in the city, or in the mall, or wherever – I tend to look at everyone. This has gotten me in trouble with a significant other and I’ve spotted a number of famous people.

NINE Places I've Visited: (without getting there by car, in chronological order)
1. Orlando, FL
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Raleigh, NC
4. Wroxton, England
5. Brussels, Belgium
6. Paris, France
7. Venice, Italy
8. Rome, Italy
9. Chicago, IL

EIGHT Ways to Win My Heart:
1. Fun. Have it, love it, live it. Encompasses both in a foreign land and at home.
2. Take me on an adventure. A nice dinner somewhere random (White Castle or Sushi Samba) or a quest to find a dress for a party.
3. Do things because you know I’d like it, and actually enjoy it because I do.
4. Listen to music and really feel it.
5. Let me be stupid and laugh about it.
6. Sexiness. As a life choice. Can be anything from a wake up hug to a goodnight kiss.
7. Enjoys patiently educating my naive self.
8. Support me, in anything I feel passionate about. For example: Being ok with me DJing on weekends and telling me the Menlo Park mall is much smaller than the Woodbridge Mall.

SEVEN Things I Want to Do Before I Die:

1. Be on stage at Madison Square Garden in front of a sold out crowd.
2. Write a song.
3. To know that something I’ve said or done to someone has impacted or changed their life for the better.
4. Get my 15 minutes of fame for something good or fun.
5. Relax.
6. Live in Manhattan.
7. Have a three - never mind…

SIX Things I'm Afraid Of:

1. Heights.
2. Mayonaise.
3. Not being happy.
4. Failing.
5. Not being there when someone needed me.
6. My future children.

FIVE Things I Don't Like:
1. Mayonaise. Unless it’s the acoustic version of a Smashing Pumpkins song of the same name.
2. Bitchiness.
3. Conceit.
4. White Creamy Foods – I’m getting better.
5. Silence.

FOUR Ways to Turn Me Off:
1. Be disrespectful and not have remorse.
2. Do things to hurt someone on purpose.
3. Tell me something negative about myself when I’m already feeling vulnerable.
4. Be boring.

THREE Things I Do Every Day:
1. Listen to music.
2. Think about and talk to the woman.
3. Think about sex.

TWO Things that Make Me Happy:
1. Love.
2. Music.

ONE Thing On My Mind Right Now:
That I should be doing a million other things right now – but instead I’m doing this – which I’ve wanted to do for days. I’m thinking how I should be doing my next Sirius mix, but instead I’m listening to an amazing Jazz album by Herbie Hancock called “Possibilities.” How I’m glad I have the day to be able to do things like blog, listen to jazz, do my laundry and relax just a bit. I also hope that I can do the same thing once I’m married. Thinking about how the beginning of this version of “I just called to say I love you” is so amazing.

There’s probably only one time when there’s only one thing on my mind.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Woke up in New York Ci-Tay! Ok, now most of you know I like a lot of bizarre things, do bizarre things and such. So tonight I went to - hold laughter - a Ricky Martin concert. Now before you start to yell GAY in Spanish (hold that for the weekend at Pure or that other night I'm still trying to forget) - understand that the place was filled with 95% women. So this may have been a single man's (and I AM NOT SINGLE) oasis. I watched women get hit on while walking up the stairs, and for the most part the crowd was very attractive. Ok now, I was expecting a boring experience. However, it was actually very different. To my surprise - the show was very good. There were video screens that could have been designed by the same people that do the Nine Inch Nails live video shows. Japanese anime with some pounding technoish music during his costume changes. That was a cool experience. A bunch of the songs went right with what was on the screens and there were 4 separate screens which really made an amazing visual experience to it all. Now, ok musically - the band was really good. They reinterpreted a lot of the hits. Which actually was really refreshing - since I was expecting it to be just played out song after played out song. There was one hit that used what sounded like "Pass the Courvoisier, Part 2" as the beat. Another sounded like if you mixed Busta Rhymes "Dangerous" with Nelly Furtado's "Powerless."
So the show almost ended with really long guitar solo that if it was Pearl Jam's "Alive" - would've had the place going nuts. However, it's Ricky Martin and people were bored. Until of course - he dropped that new reggaeton club banger which I believe made women scream at dB levels I didn't know existed. Only a gay guy can make a girl scream like that without touching her! When a girl screams like that in daily life, that means they call the cops. Oddly enough, I think I had more fun than my mother.

I actually ALMOST lost it when he started doing Capoeira and the band started singing "paranaue." If you don't get this - it's ok - see the awesomely bad movie "Only The Strong" and call up Mike Musco. If you don't have any idea what the fuck I'm talking about, you're actually wrong. You know this song. Anyways, Whoever conceptualized the concert was a genius. Too bad he's employed by Ricky Martin and not someone else.

To finish this talk - Pure on FRIDAY!!!! Will I play Ricky Martin's "I Don't Care (LEX Remix)" Probably not.

OK - so onto part 2 - I saw Tom Cavanaguh from my new favorite show "Love Monkey" while walking to the concert. This show isn't the best thing ever - but it really relates to me, my life, my massive collection of music information, the kind of job I wish I had, and most importantly my ADHD. Watch a show, get some cool indie-pop music in your life and see 20 second guest appearances. Ben Folds and LeAnn Rimes in the last episode. And we all know how many times I've seen that person on stage. Ben Folds that is! One Ricky Martin concert, let's not go Crazy. SONG TITLE by Artist! Damn - They should hire me to write for them.

Anyways - moving on - backwards - Sunday was the Superbowl - now I'm happy cuz she's happy. But if I hear "One for the Thumb" again - that thumb is gonna go somewhere the sun doesn't shine. Ok - stop - it was 1 fucking Ricky Martin concert!

Saturday night was really good. Sarah and I went to see Slava's Snowshow. A bizarre event that was sad, and funny and ended up with me having little pieces of confetti / snow in my undershirt. At the end of the show we had been hit with bubbles, water, smoke, tons of snow confetti and then balls. Ok enough with the Ricky Martin! Big blown up balloon balls that were hit around the audience. It was a fun experience all together. I think kids would really love it, as did the group of 7th graders behind us. They kept throwing all the snow onto their teachers. Hell if it's February in NYC and it's 60 degrees - I'll take snow any way I can!

After Sarah and I headed over to our new favorite place to eat - Punch. The food was excellent - all of it. It's rare that we go out and order appetizers, a meal and desert. But it was all just fantastic. Ok - the chocolate syrup tasted a bit burnt - but that was it! I'd go back in a second, and it's really priced moderately. A much better deal than many other places in the area.

Ok - So rehearsal went pretty well last week. At least I think so. Karen may stop blogging about it, but that's her business. She told me to settle down and stop being so nervous, which for me is pretty fucking impossible when I'm doing something like this. But I'm doing my best. We'll see how Thursday night goes! I have to be sure to tape Survivor.

So that's about it - so glad so many people are coming to Pure on Friday. It should be a hell of a time! We'll have a GAY OLD TIME!!!!!!!!!! (Best link of the day)

Ok - I think I need some sleep.


PS - I tried to find the translation to "Weppa" - but either it's not spelled correctly or doesn't technically mean anything. Anyone, anyone, Bueller?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Late at night, when the demons come...

It's nights like tonight where I want to scream or maybe even cry. I went to the doctor yesterday and have fluid in my left ear. Now I didn't think this happened to anyone over the age of 4 - but obviously I'm wrong. So tack one more physical ailment in the past year and we're up to like 5 or 6. Which would be par for my brother, but not me.

Where this leaves me is in a nice little dark ditch where I feel like I'm going to stay for a while. Just about all of my forms of stress relief have been taken away from me and I'm screaming (inside) to let it all out. I guess this is the point of today's entry. I've actually been thinking of doing an anonymous blog so I can talk about all the shit going on without anyone knowing that it's Frank Manzo or DJ Frank Manzo. Since if you do a google search for either, this blog will appear, along with the stats of a same-named race car driver from NJ.

So what do I do to relieve stress on my own? Well #1 and the best one - DJing. Now it can be stressful, but it's usually a lot of fun. I'm been laid off from the Waterloo again, which is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because it's boring as hell and can't deal with the regulars that want to hear reggaeton for 2 hours. Curse - I can use the money and there are some nights where I can have fun playing some really good music. I'm looking so forward to Pure on Feb 10 it's unreal. I'm also looking forward to stress reliever #2 - Vacation - that same weekend. Now a weekend in Philly, isn't exactly paradise, but it will be nice to be away from home, in a hotel, and actually share the weekend with a good group of friends and of course the woman. 4 of which are linked on the side there. So I assure you that Feb 10 will be a great night and I will stop at nothing to assure that the crowd leaves in a frenzy! At least, thats how I hope it ends.

#2 - Vacations haven't happened much lately - since Belize in 2004 for Sarah and I. It's LONG overdue and hopefully we can get away before we really get away for the honeymoon.

#3 - The gym and physical activity. Now I alluded to a physical ailment a few posts back, this has prevented me from going to the gym or any kind of exercise since November 14th. Well, except for Gay Ski Weekend. I was weighed yesterday at the doctors office at 178 lbs. Granted I was wearing a sweater and heavy pants (I usually do that in shorts and a t-shirt). I almost shit (which probably would've dropped me a pound or 2), since about 2 years ago when I was almost 180 I decided that was it! Off to the gym I went and at my peak was down to 157lbs. Far from skinny, but good enough to eat the way I wanted, feel and look good. So I'm feeling generally bad about this and myself, since I was doing quite well. So I just decide that eating chocolate (something I've done everyday since Thanksgiving - someone call Guiness) is a good idea, after lunch, maybe around 3pm and then obviously after dinner. Sometimes even before it. I mean I love the stuff, but being unable to do anything physical as really lowered my standard for what is good for me. It's very much a "well what the hell - I can't eat this shit when I'm healthy" feeling. Cue What I Craved last Thursday night.

-side note - James Anthony just calls to tell me my Sirius mixshow is on. It is 11:15pm and Frank is now happy for the 2nd time today. First time was when Sarah gave me these as a suprise. More junk food.

Anyways -# 4 and 5 are other stress relievers that a bit more private. Ones you engage in by yourself (#4), or with a partner (#5). Well if you're lucky, there's 3 of you (# in my dreams). One friend yesterday was appauled and said he could never do that for even a day, and that a typical day is around 3 private moments with himself. Another friend simply shouted in a recent car trip "SINCE NOVEMBER." Believe me it's been frustrating, and I haven't been abiding by Dr's orderers totally. Let's be reasonable here. See this for reference

So I hope after my doctor appointment on Monday, I will be able to keep the tradition of going on the Annual Super Bowl Sunday Ski Trip to PA.

So I will use this blog to bitch and complain and spill my life out onto the internet in hopes that it will not come and bit me in the ass. And hopefully the play will provide the non-physical, non-sexual, non-vacation, non-musical stress relief and fun I need to get me through till I can get back to life as I knew it.

I leave you with this from "In the Line of Fire" -

Mitch Leary: What did happen to you that day? Only one agent reacted to the gunfire, and you were closer to Kennedy than he was. You must have looked up at the window of the Texas Book Depository, but you didn't react. Late at night, when the demons come, do you see the rifle coming out of that window, or do you see Kennedy's head being blown apart? If you'd reacted to that first shot, could you have gotten there in time to stop the big bullet? And if you had - that could've been your head being blown apart. Do you wish you'd succeeded, Frank? Or is life too precious?

Tonight, life is just too precious.


Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ok I'm not a big PETA lover or anything - but when this comes across my eyes. I had to pass it on. Click here for video
Now I don't know how I feel that PETA wants you to spam people in order to win a fucking Ipod, but after watching the video - spam just isn't a good word. Do NOT view within 30mins before or after eating anything that has ever taken a breath.

As if i didn't already feel like shit - I watch this and now I'm also disturbed.

Need to attempt sleeping - although that hasn't been working lately.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Scene 1

So tonight was the rehearsal and I didn't know what to expect. For all I knew tonight we were going to be drilled on our lines while getting initiated by the boy scouts that are in the hall before we are. Fortunately, the boy scouts only had pine races on their minds and there was no initiation.

It was relatively painless and I was told that I did a good job, despite reading a few words wrong and stumbling a few lines. Although everyone screwed up at some point. I was just the first to do it. I definitely feel wierd, as everyone else is a "theatre person" and I'm just someone that likes a good play every so often, the occacional musical and a good show from time to time. So I know nothing about what is supposed to happen.

Donna told me I couldn't be any worse than the Philip in the production at BSC, which is a backward compliment. Much like the pep talk we got from a bleeding Karen. Sounds like there was a low audition turnout, but she's very happy with the cast. And so am I!! The 2 leads are actually dating - which is kinda cool. Also means they should be able to practice a lot more than the rest of us. It also means that scene 3 may be a little more realistic than the Grandparents in the front may be able to handle.

This play is not um - clean. My character yells "Penis" within the 1st 15 mins and "Fuck" is also a favorite of Philip. Unfortunately, I don't get to drop the one and only use of the C-Bomb in the show.

Well, in case you are wondering about what the C-Bomb is - its when our next rehearsal is... C U Next Tuesday.

I'm off to bed - in order to wake up for what hopes to be a great meeting in the city, but I'm more of a skeptic. The first one made me feel like I was at a Black Panters meeting, and the following one was a debriefing of that meeting. Nothing like a debfiefing 6 months later, what are we the ACS / DYFS?

Well, in case you are wondering about what the C-Bomb is - its when our next rehearsal is... C U Next Tuesday.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Secretions, Secretions are no fun - I mean Secrets!

Well there's a few things that have been kept under wraps lately - that are going to be blown out of the water. See I know most of you reading this are well aware of what's going on - but I'll put it here for your amusement and to kill just a few more moments of your day and deter you from going to

Secret #1 - I'm really a woman. Ok joking. I'm not a woman. However, my health at the current time is in limbo as I'm having physical issue number 128 since last years superbowl. Need details? E-mail - I'll explain - it involves an attractive girl and and uncomfortable position; among several other doctor visits and such. The story is both funny and alarming. Feel free to call me, then sit down and laugh out loud.

Secret #2 - I have a Sirius mixshow - its done - go to to download the set and give it a listen. I will post when it will air for those of you that have Sirius and can listen. Although I believe out here on the east coast - its would air between 9am-10am and 9pm-10pm. Odd times I will say. It's very very mainstream, but its a fun mix.

Secret #3 - In high school I was involved in the student run musical knows as SING. Which we won (twice, kinda). He was the director and he was in the chorus (1 of 4 guys). I became the backstage director, mainly due to my amazing building skills (or great help). Since my stage fright could be more anxiety provoking than having to eat a mayonnaise sandwich at 100 ft (that would be torture) I always opted to be behind the scenes and almost shit myself when after we won our senior year and I was hoisted up by the backstage crew to see a full crowd of people looking at me.

Now since those days - I have gotten better. DJing has lowered stage fright exponentially, I've also had to do lots of other public speaking things, role plays, presentations and ran counseling groups. So I decided to take the advice that someone gave me in a counseling course about 4 years ago and pursue acting.

Karen is directing "The Shape Of Things" and I figured it would be fun to audition. I thought - well Karen is directing so it's a bit less pressure to try out and I maybe could give me a tip or two. It's also at the Radburn Players which doesn't get a huge crowd to some of their shows. Although their last production of "Man of LaMancha" was a HUGE success and I will say a great great production. Honestly, their productions have become better over the few years we've been going to see Karen in them (even those where Karen is in her underwear or gets felt up). So last Monday, I detoured away from some traffic and hit speeds upwards of 80mph on the NJ Turnpike in order to make it to the audition about 15 mins late. With that said I read for both parts and ended up getting the supporting role of Phillip. Fortunately I do not have to kiss anyone as the main character does, which obviously was a controversial subject that was avoided.

So for those of you that would like to see my acting debut and prefacing panic attacks come here

So I'm working on this next week's Sirius mixshow that will be more trancey and will air on Area 33. I haven't DJed trance in a long time, so this will be interesting and fun.

And for some real tribal house fun - Pure in Philly on Friday Feb 10. It's a 1/2 post party for the Gay Men's Chorus and 1/2 a "Best of Billy Carroll Presents Month." It will be me - doing what I do best - which is having a lot of fun and playing some great music. Lots of people coming down for the event - which always makes it better!

So there you go - all my secretions... I mean secrets. I need to sleep.


Monday, January 16, 2006


Not an exciting news day really...Just a keep me busy because lying is bed appears to be bad for my mental health at the moment.

I walked into the mall today to and my cousin was working at Express. Those of you that a) frequent the SI Mall and b) know my cousin - understand this is not an uncommon event. However, after I said hi, she said "I still owe you money" which I actually had forgotten about. So I think it would be a good day if more people said that to me. Here's a list of people that owe me money and how overdue it is.

Jarod R - $100 - the balance of a DJ job from FUCKING JULY!!!!
Chris V - $100 - the balance of a DJ job from last night
Danny M - $600? - the balance of his lifestyle for the last 5 years or so

I think thats about it. Which is good. Anymore and I might need to hire "the man" to start knocking on doors.

I did make some extra money this weekend as both Friday (at the Loo - thanks to a bunch of people drunk and on Xanax) and Saturday (at the Wedding - thanks to a bunch of people drunk and on the dancefloor) we went for extra time. The wedding was actually a lot of fun and went really well. We all had a blast. That included the 15 people in sailor hats doing the YMCA. It was that kind of night - not that I've ever had a night like that previously. Despite what you may think!

Tomorrow brings a day of working on all things dj - a trip to West Orange to check out catering hall and then working on my mixes for Sirius. Maybe a drink with Jack - maybe a night thinking - maybe I'll gear up for my hectic week.

Or maybe I won't


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Young Hearts Run - Like HELL!!

I read this article and was a bit disturbed. This might be worse than leaving the cake out in the rain.

Young Hearts

An exclusive first listen to my new Sirius Mixshow on Monday to the first person to tell me title and artist of that reference. Yes - thanks to James "Mr Freestyle" Anthony, I will have my own mix show on both The Beat (Ch 36) and Area33 (Ch 33).

I never posted my top 50 tracks of 2005 - Hopefully I'll do that on Monday.

I'll also talk to you about how much fun it is to spend 7 hours in the Psychiatric Emergency Room.