Wednesday, August 24, 2005

how many assholes we got on this ship?


Well I'm going to tell you about the asshole that works with catering at Eisenhower Hall in West Point.

Mike Musco and I are changing to go home out of our ugly penguin costumes. This guy walks into the bathroom all bloddied up. Talking to his other friend about how he got fucked up. Now I'm not sure who this guy is - so I'm don't know if he was at the wedding and got into a fight or fell down the stairs drunk or whatever. I look at the guy who now has about 7 bandaids on his face in all different places. So now I ask...

Me - "Bro, what happened?"
Guy - "I was in the back"
Me - "you work here?"
guy - "yeah - so one of the ladies goes what are we gonna do with the wedding cake?"
me - "uh huh"
Guy - "the lady says, 'just throw it out' - so I'm all - you're not gonna throw it out."
Me - "Um - Ok"
Guy - "the lady goes what are ya gonna do with it? I say 'this' "
Mike - "oh man - there's like shelves and posts in there"
Guy - "yeah well I know that now - I won't be doing that again - If I would've known that there was stuff in it - I wouldn't have slammed my face in it as hard as I did - it was full force"
Me - "wow that really sucks - well hope you feel better man"
Friend - "Man you are really fucked up"
Guy - "yeah - we could tell a story about getting in a fight"

So my wise words to you - don't slam your face into a wedding cake - you will fuck up your face. Which is good to know as my family and friends have always had a knack for getting violent with cake.

Monday, August 22, 2005

six feet under - forever

wow - tonight's series finale of six feet under was amazing. I can't even begin to explain what the last 10 minutes of this show felt like, but i'm gonna try. First they used a song called Breathe Me by Sia. Which I heard her perform live with Zero 7 last year. Just amazingly beautiful. And so is the Mylo remix.

Since 2001 - I've watch the show just about every week. In college I had friends tape it for me, and had to tape it at home, or catch the re-run on Monday night. I'm very sad to have to let this go, because somehow the Fisher's have become part of my weekly life.

I'm able to see part of me in every character and it still amazes me how they could recreate life so vividly.

I'm definitely said to see it go, I was worried about the ending not living up to its potential and agreed that this show may have actually never hit its prime. However the last 10 minutes of this show made 5 years of watching it all worth it. There's only a few pieces of entertainment - song, movie, tv or book (not that i do that much) that made me feel what I felt tonight. And I praise them for that.

Ben Folds Five - Evaportaed
Ghost (at the end - yes, I know)
Love Actually (other circumstances involved)

Those are 3 things I can rememeber that actually made me cry and can still do that. I welled up at a Ben Folds concert when I heard the opening chords, and when Ghost is on - I turn it off. Love Actually I've been able to watch again, so I think that has passed.

Why do I bring this up? The show ended, I called Sarah and needed to talk to her. Told her I loved her, and told her I was sad about the show. She asked what happened and I wept. Probably the hardest I've cried since giving a eulogy in the rain at my Uncle's funeral back in December.

I think I threw her off, cuz I was fine after about 3 minutes. But as she well knows, sometimes you cry to feel better. and I do. Well maybe until tomorrow when I watch it again. I'm not sure if the final episode is something you can watch if you've never seen the show before. But if you have an extra 75 minutes and hbo (or bittorent) I would watch it. It puts things in perspective, that life is about being happy and being sad and losing your mind and working hard and making decisions that sometimes suck and other times are great. Unfortunately it also puts into perspective that we can be taken off this planet at anytime.

Once you lose someone, you only have what you've let them leave behind in your heart and soul. and that may never be enough.

and in case you didn't hear me through my tears before - I'm so happy I'm doing this with you.


- tomorrow hopefully we'll be back to the normal stuff about why you should never slam your face into a wedding cake. i'll explain...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

don't stop believin'

well - i'm not sure where to start - but as usual we'll recap -

i'm sore today from moving lots of equiptment yesterday for this person's son's wedding. It was a great wedding - they really wanted wedding material -like cheesy dances and such - but watching the General do the electric slide with a 5 year old in hand was cute as hell!!

Than there was the little wacky chick with HUGE boobs and her robot dancing boyfriend. It was so strange. this song was a highlight.

Aside from that word has been crazy the past week. my co-worker is leaving and so are my 2 supervisors. which leaves us all in a pretty wierd place. i was told that if i had been there longer i'd be up for the supervisor position which was a great compliment (from both supervisors, seperately and unprovoked)

and now on to last week in philly...

nothing realy to report except that it was the best night i've ever dj-ed ever. Despite one issue that have been discussed with appropriate parties - it was just amazing. People showed up really early thanks to the promoter so we rocked it from about 12:45 to close at 3:20. So many people said it was great, including staff. I was visited in the dj booth by Guido Osorio. In the 90s he teamed up with a person by the name of Razor, and but out a song called "do it again." This is probably the definition of progressive house. Everything I play to an extent. That man comes up to me and tells me I'm doing good, which was absolutely amazing.

So I'm going back for my birthday party on Saturday October 22. I am definitely looking forward to going back.

I was talking to my friend John Rizzo about 2 weeks ago and he said "Everytime I really have thought of stopping doing music, something changes and I get a kick in the ass." Its funny how he said that to me the same week I get complimented at my day job and have my best dj night ever.

and now its a sad night as six feet under will be no more... How's it gonna end?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

shut up bitch

i thought this was funny

going to Philly to spin @ pure, have a mini vacation with the woman - and oddly enough - see like 7 of my friends. I got lots of good new music! Should be a blast - until next time listen to Darth!