Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Frank's Top 15 Albums of 2004

Ok so here you go - My Top 15 Albums of 2004. Feedback always welcome. Hope you enjoy it. In the next few days I will post my Top 50 Tracks for 2004.


1) Kanye West – The College Dropout
This was long anticipated and well worth the money. This is one of the most creative and genre blending albums to come out in a long time. Finally a heartfelt rap album that isn’t talking about niggas, ho’s and chedda. Although there are a few references to Jacob the Jeweler.
2) Keane – Hopes and Fears
One of the surprise albums of the year. This band made an amazing album that gives Coldplay a run for their money. If their second album has a hit like “Clocks,” the world will understand the hype.
3) Rachael Yamagata – Happenstance
This girl is my fill for Fiona Apple while she tries to get her 3rd album released from the wretched record label. Lots of piano, lots of feeling, lots of talent. Sometimes you just get lucky buying a promo EP on a whim.
4) Snow Patrol – Final Straw
I got “Run” as a free download on iTunes. This album is obviously my favorite one of the year from this Irish band. They rock, makes me remember what rock is really like.
5) Jem – Finally Woken
Again, free iTunes download, turns into a great album. British chick rock over electro hip-hop beats. Sound odd? Yeap! So great!
6) Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown
My favorite Christian rock album of the year. This album goes to many musical places. An album that can stay on repeat.
7) Jamie Cullum – Twentysomething
My weakness for pianos comes again, and its not over. This reinvention of “Frontin’,” makes this a must buy all alone. Neo-jazz rock for the 21st Century.
8) The Killers – Hot Fuss
Electro-rock rocks my radio with this one. Expecting a flop, much like the Modest Mouse album. But It held through to make it to my favorites. The album isn’t necessarily an album, but a collection of very good singles.
9) Zero 7 – When It Falls
Did anyone get their 1st album? No one listened when I praised it did you? Go back and get it! And get this as a follow up. The 1st album “Simple Things,” was groundbreaking, this one doesn’t do anything new, but you can’t expect a band to break new ground and then do it again so quickly.
10) Shrek 2 – Soundtrack
Ok – I know. It’s a soundtrack. Counting Crows “Accidentally in Love” and Frou Frou’s “Holding Out For a Hero” makes this cd great. Oh right there’s like 12 other tracks that keep you entertained till the Shrek karaoke finale.
11) Jill Scott – Beautifully Human – Words and Sounds, Vol. 2
A nice follow up to her first album. This album is not as good as her past ones, however it manages to do something amazing. There are a few tracks that bring you so far back you would think they belong on a Motown compilation. Amazing production by DJ Jazzy Jeff.
12) Utada – Exodus
I have to thank the woman for this one. She heard the a remix of “Devil Inside” and told me about it. It was instantly one of my favorite tracks. This is the 1st of 2 albums I did not buy. The album from this Japanese woman reminds me who’s in charge of electronic companies.
13) Sia – Colour the Small One
The second album that I did not buy. This one sounds a lot like the Zero 7 album with downtempo beats that take chillout to a new level. Sia has a voice that is amazing and the track “breathe me” makes me melt.
14) Scissor Sisters – Scissor Sisters
They do a great job of bringing back a sound that many thought (including me) should be left alone to die. The upbeat Elton John mid-70s sound. The only thing more weird on this album is the upbeat “Stayin’ Alive”-esque cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.”
15) John Legend – Get Lifted
I bought this album today. The single “Used to Love U” is a current favorite of mine. I believe this will be an influential album for 2005. It’s already had 3 spins in the car. He’s being called the male Alicia Keys. Kanye West also produced it, which obviously got my attention.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Goodbye Chistmas...

well its been a crazy couple of say the least... my uncle's wake and funeral - work - and of course Christmas. It all ended up pretty good. Got some fun gifts and gave some good ones too. In particular a photo-calender book i made for the fiancee. So it was a light christmas, and ended with a white one. But all in all - a good christmas. I hope everyone else had a good one too.

Oh well on the 18th I was down in Philly to DJ again, the fiancee and ms. biscuit came down to have fun, which we all did. Had some good sushi, and this tapioca ice drink. Very odd, very fun, very not for winter. Oh and we had a wonderful fire drill sunday morning, that was great. But Pure was great, and we had lots of fun.

So aside from that - I was able to do lots of returning yesterday at the P-burg mall in NJ. Yes its the last exit in NJ, yes its small. however, it has an H&M and it is never crowded. and i mean never. We showed up 1 hr before closing, and returned to Gap, Bath and Body works, Victoria's secret, Sears, and a sports store - and had about 1/2 hr to shop. And that was the day after christmas!!!!! So that rocked...

Had some dinner, went to the movies - saw "closer" which was good - however pulled up some old emotions and feelings.

Today I saw Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - which I must say was a pretty good movie. Very creepy, dark, left it open for a sequel, very cool. Jim Carey doing a good job. But i must say the girl ( did a great job in this.

Well thats it for now. hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.


Monday, December 13, 2004


i just wrote a blog that was really long - and i went to spell check it and it's gone. I'm sure you'll hear what I have to say at some point. Lots of craziness this week. Glad I just wanted another hour of my life so the blog could dissappear.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

fun with vinyl

I read in New York Press - that you can make bowls from vinyl records. Which is definitely kinda cool. So I did make about 6 of them. Kinda fun.

Its one of those nights I haven't had in a long time. A lot of stuff getting thrown around my head - and being really tired - and not enough sleep.

Lots of stuff falling right around the holidays. People passing away, bad situations, and my own shit - just getting to me. So it's frustrating as things are good, other things suck. I guess yesterday was a really good day, and today had to balance that out. Tomorrow's a new day - a long one again - but a good one I hope.

Its getting hard for me to worry so much about money, but I know what my end goal wants to be like. Its taxing (no pun intended) to think about every purchase. Like I didn't buy a soda for lunch today cuz it would save me $2. Which is kinda crazy, but at the same time if I don't buy a soda 50 times, thats $100. And I know there's some ski trips coming up that I will not miss. So I'll sacrifice other things. Like a diet soda.

Time to put the rest of my clothes away.

Go here and vote for anyone except Kris Randazzo.


Bubble fun

be sure to click the link - hours of fun.

today was a long long day - but a really good one. One that reminded me of a lot of things, that I may have been neglecting. First - i grabbed some cds - I've been neglecting some of my old rock stuff - Nine Inch Nails & Smashing Pumpkins in particular. I was very late to my meeting due to rain and the traffic on the NJ Turnpike, but the meeting was suprisingly good. It was on racism - which are normally pretty boring. But this was the best one i've ever heard. Talking about how race plays a role in therapy and things like that. But giving concrete examples, not just generalizations.

I had lunch with DJ Billy - who I haven't seen in months. It was great to catch up and talk about good stuff, despite him having 2 cracked ribs from a fall he took in LA. The dangers of being a DJ.

After I got on the ferry - (this is kinda where I think fate takes place) i needed to use the bathroom, and there isn't one in the terminal, so i waited till i got on the boat. I took a trip around the boat and then back again to find it. When I passed, Warren, one of the people that spoke about racism at the seminar. We talked for the rest of the ride about family therapy, racism and the world. It was really cool.

All of these things today reminded me of some of the goals I have, things I want to pursue now and things I want to pursue when I'm married and afterwards.

Kind of a refreshing day to some extent, but now its time for my body to refresh. In bed. Nite all


PS - December 18, 2004 - Pure in Philly

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


(turn and face the strain)
Don’t want to be a richer man
(turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time


I'm already feeling the change to some extent; of what happens on Oct 7, 2006. I realized that there's only a matter of time till lots of changes happen. I was talking to Stepford Mike about his possibility of going to San Diego for grad school, when I realized that maybe all these changes would be taking place before I was able to make them happen. Lack of control. I picked up one of these little house buying books, and almost shit at some of the prices. But i can buy a nice house in Stapleton for like 300K. Prob ODB's old house or some shit. So it's logically a move to NJ, and not that I'm against it. I'm perfectly fine with that state. It's just going to be - well not home. So me and my friends aren't going to be able to pick up and go to the loo, or the lion's den or wherever.

So I'm already getting a bit wierded out by all this. Just so many things i didn't expect to deal with just because I'm getting married. - and again - not necessarily that I didn't expect them, just not this early. well I need some sleep.

Tonight is the tree lighting.
Tomorrow is the first day of December.
December is a crazy month.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

no more...

no more...of the titles using "blog" in them
no passive resistance
no more...wire hangers
no nice guy
no more...being single
no more...leaky ceilings
no more...holes in the floor
no more...thinking if this is right
no home
no food
no more...hearing my dad bitch
no more...of so many little things
no more...public transportation
no on all the time
no more...high pitched dog bark
no more...twin bed

well friday was awesome - the best engagement party I've ever had! I had so much fun, and I know lots of you are saying "hey Frank, how do you even remember it?" Well truth be told - I don't remember everything, but thats because so much was going on. Yes I was drunk, but I was just so happy it was great. Something I haven't felt possibly ever. Singing, dancing, eating, and Jack's ass on my face. (see the vixen's blog). I had a wondeful time dancing with the woman. A night I will always remember, and cherish. Thanks for all of you that came to celebrate with us, and thanks for everyone very generous contributions. Which included those of you that drove from far away, brought food, and all sorts of gifts. It really did exceed all of my expectations, and I'm so glad everyone had fun. and now... drum roll please......

The Wedding of Sarah Morgan and Frank Manzo

Saturday - October 7, 2006

Ceremony - 2:15pm - (tentatively at the Church at Mt Loretto - SI, NY)
Reception - 6:30pm (tentative time) - Snuffy's Pantagis Renaissance - Scotch Plains, NJ

So mark the back of your date books or calenders. In the place where it says "Future Events."

I'm very excited, if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to drop me or the woman a line.

Till next time...


Friday, November 19, 2004

are you sirius?

holy s - i just watched the David Letterman show, and Howard Stren was on. It ended up being like a 1/2 hr info-mercial for Sirius Satellite Radio. Which obviously makes me very happy. But I swear this is crazy, all this time Sirius getting no publicity and today there's been a lot of it. For me the concern is that Sirius just get bigger than it is. Eventually that Sirius and the other satellite company become staple parts of our auditory life.

Although I must say part of it was sad to see Stern selling this item, he's pretty much selling these radios to be sure he gets paid whenever he jumps on. I'm sure by the morning, the transcript for the show will be all over the net. Look for it if you care. Thats some wild stuff, Ed. The engagement party will be playing Sirius, so feel free to check it out. Damn, I swear I should get paid for this!


Thursday, November 18, 2004

you know blog it up - you've got to blog it up

wow - i'm beat. It's 11:15pm, and i'm toward the end of my night. One filled with grape jelly, chili sauce, meatballs, vegetables, pineapples, and laundry. I still have a ton of laundry to put away. tomorrow is round one of the engagement parties. We're up to like 50 people, its pretty crazy. When did we get so many friend? I think everything's going well though.

lots of stuff to do tomorrow, but again it should all go well. Leaving early from work.

One cool thing is that I've been listening to bootleg version of the opie and anthony show, thanks to Tommy. They're just as gooder as they used to be. Sometimes even more gooder.

Ok well I need sleep, so I can get all geared up for this weekend. It'll be a long one.


Sunday, November 14, 2004

i'm a blogger baby - so why don't you kill me

fuck - its Saturday night, and I did shit!!!! I was supposed to work at the loo, but it got all fucked up. I'm definitely sick of it there, and go well unappreciated. It's just not what it used to be, which blows. But as of right now I need the extra $150 a week and there's not really a better way to earn it. What sucks is that its the first time I'm really thinking about money, and how much I need it and need to save it. So this money was actually going to the speeding ticket I got during the week. And I think the worst is that I drove from NJ to SI in order to work, and I'm going back to NJ tomorrow. A pretty big waste of time and money. But what am I gonna do, nothing. I did get to see Derek and Donna which is nice, another concoction that I had a hand in, much like the Stepford couple I hold so dear.

It's Jack's birthday, and what sucks is that I would've wanted to go out, but money is really tight. Which really blows. Cuz I haven't had a night out with my friends in a long long time, to somewhere aside from the waterloo or the clubhouse. but I will get to see most of them on Friday. As well as lots of peole I haven't seen in a long time.

The job has been going great, and can't complain about it, although I do wish I made some more money. I'm back in Philly on December 18th, and have a private party to DJ as well in December. So hopefully that will do some good damage into holiday spending. Which I'm keeping down to a minumum. We're thinking of taking the families out together, we'll see how that all comes together.

Aside from that we're getting everything ready for Friday's big Engagement party. Which seems like it will have a pretty big turnout, which I'm very happy about. Ok I'm gonna get my shit together, and either drive up to Jersey now, or when I wake up. I did some work on a remix, although it wasn't that hard to do really. Hopefully I'll come up with something new for Pure in December. It'll be cool to see Philly all done up for Christmas. As usual, let me know if you want to come. Thats it for tonite.


Thursday, October 28, 2004

bloggies - how ya doing?

ok don't shoot the messenger on this one - i heard this on KROCK today -

what do you call 25 people watching the world series?

The Yankees

Funny, yet wrong, which made it more funny. All I can ever hear is Psycho Mark yelling "Go Sawks" - I did see O&A on the John McEnroe show last night. Which just made me think. O&A on tv? John McEnroe has a talk show? The Sox win the World Series? Ok I said it yesterday. Hell is freezing over. Although I must say I had to listen to O&A - i couldn't watch the TV. It was def wierd to see the voices come out of them. And not that i haven't seen pics of them and knew who was who. It was just wierd. But they do still have it. Talking about a 2 point conversion on CNBC.


blog on me, blog on me

does everyone hear that? I'm sure you do. That is hell freezing over. Boston wins a world series. Tomorrow I win lotto, and next week Kerry becomes president. I mean it all seems fitting to me. And you know what, I like it! Well I won't if Bush is elected. But anyways. I'm updating with my set from Saturday, some pics, and some remixes. So feel free to download your asses off. If you click the link at the title bar you'll go to a video for a song called "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz. It samples Steve Winwood's "Valerie." A really off beat sample, but a good one. So many house tracks using small off beat (well, on beat, really) samples, to make some fresh tracks. But the video makes the video for Olivia Newton John's "Physical" seem like it should be on Nick Jr. - along with the Backyardigans! Tyrone the Moose Motherfuckers!

Well I need to be up in 5 hours - so its bed time for me. Looking forward to going to North Carolina for the weekend, to see what a real university's homecomeing and Halloween party's like.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

when i feel that dirtyfilthy blog

So its Tuesday - and right now I'm putting up my set from Saturday night in Philly on Which rocked. Again - I so wish more people could've been there, and I really hurt someone that did come down - but aside from that we had a blast. The crippled Fiance came to support me and fell asleep in the DJ booth. My ears stopped ringing earlier today - and she was able to fall asleep. Just another amazing thing about her.

Well the whole night was teriffic. I had a blast (and enough alcohol to kill a small country) - I was forbidden by Tom and Marvin to play a lot of my favorites, so I had to come up with a new selection of classic Frank Manzo songs to throw in. You know its a good night when you're outside and there are people saying "cun-ty, cun-ty, cun-ty." And hearing "beat that bitch" did bring back a lot of memories. While talking to Billy - we figured out that would be a great song to play at the wedding. We had a teriffic night, and many were missed! Look at Decemeber for another date. Whoo Hoo.

Aside from that the weekend was good - got together all the engagement party invitations - notice how GAG is part of enGAGement. Coincidence? I think not. So family is December 5th on SI @ Carmens - Friends are at Sarah's house in Chester on November 19th.

Last night me and the Fiance (just trying to get used to saying it) went to see Jamie Cullum ( at the Jazz Standard in the city. What a cool little place - that served Caparinia - and we got to see a great show. I've never been to a jazz show and it was really cool to watch. He plays lots of covers as well as originals. But cool covers - like Radiohead's High & Dry and The Neptune's Frontin'. As well as Frank Sinatra's "I get a kick out of you." So that was a fun night - which we're not going to be able to have many of cuz we need to save boatloads of money for the wedding and life after it.

We're off to North Carolina this weekend. To save money, we're driving and it'll be one of the last places we'll see outside of NY/NJ together for a while. So thats all for now. Till next time


Friday, October 22, 2004

face down ass up thats the way i like to blog

So its the night after my birthday - what a week its been. Although i must say tonite i'm not feeling 100% about myself. Not that i'm feeling bad for myself, cuz things are really great. I'm just kinda sad. I got 2 of the coolest birthday gifts from the fiance. 1 - a gift certificate to go bobsledding! fucking bobsledding. Or maybe I should call it bob-o-sledding!! Some of you will get that. And she also got all of my dj passes framed. a really cool gift. although i have yet to figure out where to put it, but she also kinda made it sound like the first piece of to go in our place whenever we get one. I got the sacred trilogy and i'm also going skydiving.

What i really can't shake is that my birthday party - which i thought i made clear was what i really wanted people to come to - will only have 3 people from NY and NJ. That includes Sarah, well if she can walk - due to a severely bruised foot. Tom and Marvin are coming, and that is teriffic. Although I must say I was (am) prepared to go down to Philly alone. I know people have stuff to do, other people to see, other places to be. I guess its just that people seemed really excited when I originally said "hey I'm dj-ing in Philly for my b-day" and lots of people said they were going to come. Well obviously things change, but I'm def upset that most of my friends aren't going to make it. I thought it was understood that it was important, but i guess it's kinda been over shadowed by other happenings. An engagement, as well as the other party I helped throw last Friday. So I've actually just been on the phone for like 2 hours - talking to Marvin about this, as well as about some music for Saturday. So I'm pretty done being sad and moved on to being excited that I get to play on Saturday. Took some of my old favorites with me, and my plan is to have another fun filled evening. Thats all I can do, and all I want. Is to have fun, and I don't think anything can stop me from having fun when I DJ.

So thats really it. It's 1:45am and I have clothes to put away and some more to pack up. Happy Birthday Karen! Happy Birthday Angela! And a happy birthday to anyone else that's a Libra - or ok - even some of those Scorpios. Nite All.


PS - I'm not usually big on propoganda - but this is pretty crazy

Sunday, October 17, 2004

my blog is your blog, your blog is my blog

Well in case you haven't heard already - me and Sarah got engaged on Friday. We're really excited and its all getting crazy 3 days in. We're looking at Sept/Oct 2006. But absoluetly nothing is set - just so you all know. I'm not sure if she believes it all yet, as well as somehow things don't entirely feel different. So it's all pretty crazy and really fun. Here's my version of what happened:

it ended up being anti-climactic - i picked up the ring thrusday and once i saw her on friday i couldn't hold back - I wanted to wait - to do it all in a stereotypical right way - but it ended up being in my bedroom at my house - then followed by a birthday party at a bar by my house -- not the ideal situation - not what i thought of or planned for - but its the way it happened - i was too excited and nervous to hold it in. Life is good.

I started my new job this past week, which I also feel is great. So far I really like the work and the people. Seems like a place that will not beat me up the way my last one did.

So aside from that I'm Dj-ing in Philly on Saturday which will be great. I know few of you can make it, and that sucks; but hopefully there will be a next time and some of you can make it to that.

Here's a link that will make you love John Stewart more than you may already do.



Tuesday, October 12, 2004

10,000 Screaming Bloggers

jesus - i'm glad to see that my friends can read. Goldman - i quoted you just as you said it. It didn't mean you would, and shit that does also require a girl that will take a 1 hr ride in the FRONT of your car. Sometimes it makes me wonder why its such a big deal. I will ask you all to come down there 1x and 1x only. Most of you have said "Ok, I'll go sometime" (not Goldman) and I can't think of a better time than my b-day for that. Everyone thats gone down there has had a good time. Girls and guys, and that includes my brother. I will never ask anyone again to come down after Oct 23rd, except in my dj e-mail updates. You will all know I'm there and can make your own decisions about coming down.

I mean I don't want this to be bigger than it is. I'm dj-ing an afterhours club called Pure in Philly. It draws a gay crowd, there are straight people. At the end of the night there are about 800 people (gay, straight, male, female, other) on the dancefloor that just enjoyed the music I played. This is what I do, and I love it. Its free to get in for my friends, and you'll get 1-2 free drinks. More than that, I don't know what to tell you.

I'd love to see everyone down there, you've all been supportive over the years coming to jimmy's, exit, discotheque, centrofly and even the waterloo. I've never felt as comfortable as I do in Philly, despite the fact that its 11 days away and I'm nervous. It means a lot when people come down, and thats why I'm doing all I can to accomodate you guys. I don't want this to be a guilt trip of any sort, its just the way I feel about DJing and giving back to my friends.

I need to know by this Friday if you need a room in Philly, and by next Thursday if you're coming. That way all can be on the guestlist.


Anyways, my first day of work was great. I think this job will be so much better than my previous ones. My commute is about 8 minutes, my pay is more than I've made before, and most importantly less stress and paperwork. So thats all for now people. Glad to hear good things for other people - like karen (her movie), jillian (her makeup job) and mike (for riding a stallion). till next time -


Monday, October 11, 2004

Blog if you want to - Blog around the world

so what's today's song?

It was a good weekend - one I didn't work! or have any plans! holy shit - its been about 4 years since I had a weekend like that one. It was a good weekend. I did work at the Loo on Saturday - a funny thing happened. Jack was in there saying how it would be uncomfortable for him to come to Pure in Philly on October 23rd for my birthday (shameless plug), and said that the people there would have attitude because he was straight. Which I found ridiculous, cuz gay places have about 99% less attitude than straight places. All around, from the bouncers to the bartenders, to the people on the dancefloor. However, Jack made a point to say it would be strange to see gay people in the Waterloo, and since the most I've ever seen is 2 at the same time (tom and marvin) I sort-of agreed. Untill about 10 mins after Jack leaves a group of about 4 gay guys and 2 lesbians walk in. I almost died at that moment. Just for the irony. Figured I'd share, and for the record - Goldman said today in the gym that if he had a girlfriend he would probably go to Philly. That's a step! And for those that keep saying "there are guys with their shirts off in the pics" - all I say, is look at any club anywhere at the end of the night. As a general rule - I say leave your shirt on.

So - I begin my new job tomorrow - so I'll try and keep everyone updated here. Def won't be able to spend as much time in front of this computer.

Remember we got birthday parties coming up! This friday @ the Clubhouse in SI, next Saturday in Philly @ Pure. for more details!


Thursday, October 07, 2004

who let the blogs out?

so its blog #2 - just had a bizarre night. and yes its wednesday. IHOP - is apparently the International House of the Paranormal on staten island. Me and Dr. Spielzinger went out to get some food, and it was strange. Our waitress was insane. has no idea what was going on. then we saw a kid with (and i shit you not) an IHOP turban. then a family came in - at about 12:30am and they were talking about praying and such. At this point we were waiting for ashton kutcher to come out and say we've been punked. unfortunately that didn't happen. we figured by the end a blue smoke was going to come through the streets turning this already strange night into a rerun of the twilight zone. We hoped that when we left we'd still have our memory and that we'd know where we were.

So we talked about other stuff too - which was great. reminicing and making new memories. I think its important for people to do that. Cuz as much as you want to have old friends and hold on to old memories, you must try to create new ones. Or else all you end up doing is talking about the same old shit you did drunk one night in college where you woke up in small red underwear. or maybe thats just me, and um i don't know who else there was to reminise with, I woke up alone.

So thats the TMIB (Too Much Information Blog) for the week. Enjoy your day people. Stop bitching about stuff.

Nathaniel - "You're alive, you can do anything you want."
David - "It can't be that simple"
Nathaniel - "What if it is?"

Thats my advice for the day. The daily trivia of replacing a song line with the word "blog" has already happened. I want title and artist people!


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My first Bloogie

ok people - i did it - you won't be getting a blog from me often - no hourly updates - you'll prob get some bizarre news, strange pics and some selfish promtions from I'd love comments on anything - especially from those that 1) have sex with me, 2) are on medications, and 3) breathe oxygen. Fortunately at the current time only 2 out of those 3 are possible simultaneously.

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, welcome to my world of blogs.