Tuesday, November 30, 2004


(turn and face the strain)
Don’t want to be a richer man
(turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time


I'm already feeling the change to some extent; of what happens on Oct 7, 2006. I realized that there's only a matter of time till lots of changes happen. I was talking to Stepford Mike about his possibility of going to San Diego for grad school, when I realized that maybe all these changes would be taking place before I was able to make them happen. Lack of control. I picked up one of these little house buying books, and almost shit at some of the prices. But i can buy a nice house in Stapleton for like 300K. Prob ODB's old house or some shit. So it's logically a move to NJ, and not that I'm against it. I'm perfectly fine with that state. It's just going to be - well not home. So me and my friends aren't going to be able to pick up and go to the loo, or the lion's den or wherever.

So I'm already getting a bit wierded out by all this. Just so many things i didn't expect to deal with just because I'm getting married. - and again - not necessarily that I didn't expect them, just not this early. well I need some sleep.

Tonight is the tree lighting.
Tomorrow is the first day of December.
December is a crazy month.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

no more...

no more...of the titles using "blog" in them
no more...mr. passive resistance
no more...wire hangers
no more...mr nice guy
no more...being single
no more...leaky ceilings
no more...holes in the floor
no more...thinking if this is right
no more...money
no more...living home
no more...free food
no more...hearing my dad bitch
no more...of so many little things
no more...public transportation
no more...tvs on all the time
no more...high pitched dog bark
no more...twin bed

well friday was awesome - the best engagement party I've ever had! I had so much fun, and I know lots of you are saying "hey Frank, how do you even remember it?" Well truth be told - I don't remember everything, but thats because so much was going on. Yes I was drunk, but I was just so happy it was great. Something I haven't felt possibly ever. Singing, dancing, eating, and Jack's ass on my face. (see the vixen's blog). I had a wondeful time dancing with the woman. A night I will always remember, and cherish. Thanks for all of you that came to celebrate with us, and thanks for everyone very generous contributions. Which included those of you that drove from far away, brought food, and all sorts of gifts. It really did exceed all of my expectations, and I'm so glad everyone had fun. and now... drum roll please......

The Wedding of Sarah Morgan and Frank Manzo

Saturday - October 7, 2006

Ceremony - 2:15pm - (tentatively at the Church at Mt Loretto - SI, NY)
Reception - 6:30pm (tentative time) - Snuffy's Pantagis Renaissance - Scotch Plains, NJ

So mark the back of your date books or calenders. In the place where it says "Future Events."

I'm very excited, if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to drop me or the woman a line.

Till next time...


Friday, November 19, 2004

are you sirius?

holy s - i just watched the David Letterman show, and Howard Stren was on. It ended up being like a 1/2 hr info-mercial for Sirius Satellite Radio. Which obviously makes me very happy. But I swear this is crazy, all this time Sirius getting no publicity and today there's been a lot of it. For me the concern is that Sirius just get bigger than it is. Eventually that Sirius and the other satellite company become staple parts of our auditory life.

Although I must say part of it was sad to see Stern selling this item, he's pretty much selling these radios to be sure he gets paid whenever he jumps on. I'm sure by the morning, the transcript for the show will be all over the net. Look for it if you care. Thats some wild stuff, Ed. The engagement party will be playing Sirius, so feel free to check it out. Damn, I swear I should get paid for this!


Thursday, November 18, 2004

you know blog it up - you've got to blog it up

wow - i'm beat. It's 11:15pm, and i'm toward the end of my night. One filled with grape jelly, chili sauce, meatballs, vegetables, pineapples, and laundry. I still have a ton of laundry to put away. tomorrow is round one of the engagement parties. We're up to like 50 people, its pretty crazy. When did we get so many friend? I think everything's going well though.

lots of stuff to do tomorrow, but again it should all go well. Leaving early from work.

One cool thing is that I've been listening to bootleg version of the opie and anthony show, thanks to Tommy. They're just as gooder as they used to be. Sometimes even more gooder.

Ok well I need sleep, so I can get all geared up for this weekend. It'll be a long one.


Sunday, November 14, 2004

i'm a blogger baby - so why don't you kill me

fuck - its Saturday night, and I did shit!!!! I was supposed to work at the loo, but it got all fucked up. I'm definitely sick of it there, and go well unappreciated. It's just not what it used to be, which blows. But as of right now I need the extra $150 a week and there's not really a better way to earn it. What sucks is that its the first time I'm really thinking about money, and how much I need it and need to save it. So this money was actually going to the speeding ticket I got during the week. And I think the worst is that I drove from NJ to SI in order to work, and I'm going back to NJ tomorrow. A pretty big waste of time and money. But what am I gonna do, nothing. I did get to see Derek and Donna which is nice, another concoction that I had a hand in, much like the Stepford couple I hold so dear.

It's Jack's birthday, and what sucks is that I would've wanted to go out, but money is really tight. Which really blows. Cuz I haven't had a night out with my friends in a long long time, to somewhere aside from the waterloo or the clubhouse. but I will get to see most of them on Friday. As well as lots of peole I haven't seen in a long time.

The job has been going great, and can't complain about it, although I do wish I made some more money. I'm back in Philly on December 18th, and have a private party to DJ as well in December. So hopefully that will do some good damage into holiday spending. Which I'm keeping down to a minumum. We're thinking of taking the families out together, we'll see how that all comes together.

Aside from that we're getting everything ready for Friday's big Engagement party. Which seems like it will have a pretty big turnout, which I'm very happy about. Ok I'm gonna get my shit together, and either drive up to Jersey now, or when I wake up. I did some work on a remix, although it wasn't that hard to do really. Hopefully I'll come up with something new for Pure in December. It'll be cool to see Philly all done up for Christmas. As usual, let me know if you want to come. Thats it for tonite.