Sunday, May 29, 2005

let's hug it out bitch!

the best ad for a show - man this is too damn funny. Download the song! Watch Season 2! Too funny!

and remember - let's hug it out bitch!


Sa-tur-day, Sa-ta-day, Saaaa-tur-day...

Sometimes you go out on a Saturday night and you get home early - like 1:15am - which to me is kinda like leaving in the 7th inning of a baseball game in order to beat the traffic. Something that shouldn't happen often. However you come home and realize that high school still exists - that other people are online at 1:15am on a Saturday night. I guess everyone abided by their curfew this evening. Some people got high and were looking at stuff on ebay - some were sleeping - and some were well - frustrated...

FM3Red5: I thought you were going down the shore tonight?
NACatarino: i will give u 3 guesses as to what happened
FM3 Red5: um ok
NACatarino: 3 answers on the board
NACatarino: 100 people surveyed
NACatarino: what are the most common causes of going down the shore and being back within 2 hours
FM3 Red5: oh dear - line was too long?
NACatarino: good answer that's # 3
FM3 Red5: ok 2 more answers
FM3 Red5: um - you couldn't find your friends?
NACatarino: good answer again that's # 2
NACatarino: do want to play or pass
FM3 Red5: hahahaha
NACatarino: and the number 1 answer on the board is....
FM3 Red5: um i guess i'll pass (to who i have no idea)
NACatarino: WIFE FORGETS ID!!!!!!
FM3 Red5: oh fuck
NACatarino: yup
FM3 Red5: see - the thing is - how many times has that happened to you?
NACatarino: 0
FM3 Red5: it happened to me - 1x i think, maybe 2
NACatarino: yeah, i gave her a pass on the 1st time
NACatarino: next time, there will be troubles

until next Saturday night...


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

All through the blog...

I got a message the other day that read "It's been a month. Update your blog!" So I'm guessing I should. It's almost midnight and I've been out and about all day - but I'll keep my fans happy - and give you some insider info - since I assure you I will be too lazy to update my website. Which needs a massive fucking overhaul.

the short short version - last week was both nine inch nails @ hammerstein and Star Wars: episode 3. Oddly enough - both were partially a let down. For NIN, it wasn't the best show I've ever seen them do. some of the old favorites given a break for a few rarities and new tracks. which tends to happen when bands make a new album. but I digress. the crowd was full of fans - which also included david bowie (who we saw on the balcony), chris rock and matt pinfield. Trent's grandfather also on the balcony. not that I have any idea what he looks like - but it was reported. You know you're getting old when they play "wish" and the crowd can't mosh for the whole song. All together a really solid show - the hand that feeds rocked live, and so did eveything really - a straight set of like 19 songs - no encore - the way shows should be! We all had a blast - me, fuji, karen and danny - Danny came out of the pit with a guitar string from a broken guitar - it's now in "the box" along with my other NIN memorabilia.

Speaking of memorabilia - onto the dark side of the force - episode 3 - a good movie - finally this whole thing really comes to a close. I don't think the 3 prequels did the star wars saga justice. as I keep saying - acting, directing and script are not george lucas' strong points. I think he managed to masacre the 2 most critical parts of the entire star wars universe. as a whole - it was good. not great. but good. I think in order of how I like them:

Episode 4 - A New Hope
Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi
Episode 5 - Empire Strikes Back
Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith
Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace
Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones

So again - as a whole it was really good, the special effects rocked and the fight scenes were amazing. But despite it all - it makes me want to pop in one of the 4 original trilogies I have on VHS to remember why I love it all so much. and why I have it on my arm and why it's the basis for my dj logo and why I'm all together fucking crazy.

I no longer work at the waterloo - which is a nice break! I've worked Saturdays for the past 3 years. Even when I had off on a Saturday, I usually switched for a different night or something. So I have some private parties - and 2 club gigs.

Sunday, June 12 - Pure in Philly - Pridefest - 6pm-12am
Thursday, June 23 - Karma Lounge - with Kukurudu doing live drums - 10pm-4am

So those should be a blast! Make it out for either of those. more infor to come on soon.

So - the day job is going well - but I've had these trainings in the city which can be long tedious days - no I need to get to bed to get a whopping 5 1/2 hours of sleep now. Hopefully i'll update again sooner than later - lots more to bs about