Monday, October 24, 2005

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Got a little write up here - cool beans

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So we survived the weekend of mixed messages, unexpected issues, overpriced hotel rooms, rain, raw pizza, and the wonderful town of Essignton, PA

In any case - Pure was great. I did a lot of jumping and had a ton of fun. We managed to polish off a bottle of vodka between 3 of us. I also had a beer with dinner, a drink before the club and then another drink or 2 after the vodka was gone. Now for me thats is A LOT of alcohol, but i amazingly felt really good today. Oh and I did all that jumping before I was carrying out my bag and missed a step at which point i thought my ankle was broken. its just a bit sprained.

So the madonna song went over well, as did a lot of the other fun things i was doing. heard some cunty, this is acid, this time baby, and lots of new stuff- like mariah carey and shit like that. In any case it was a lot of fun - despite lots of things that kinda sucked. Like how long our breakfast at Denny's took. um - yes - um Denny's. I got the Sausage Sampler - and that was after a night at Pure.

so been getting e-mails here and there about hearing the madonna song on Sirius, so it's prety damn cool still.

However - uncool - is that I have the emergency phone for work for the next 2 weeks I think.


Friday, October 21, 2005

If Madonna Calls Hang Up

So it's been a crazy week and I'm now 26 and have a load of money to spend at express and more chocolate to last me - well for me probably only till Sunday. I also have spent some time over the past few days shaking. No not cuz my Dad has yet to turn the heat on when it hits 50 over night. But Because I've dipped into that 15 minutes of fame everyone gets. So here's minute 2:30 of fame I guess.

Madonna has a new single called "Hung Up" and I think it pretty much sucks, however the love of my life was listening to the Derek and Romaine radio show on the OutQ station of Sirius and they're talking about how the new single reminds him of "If Madonna Calls." A song from like 10 years ago thats was a bitchy house track, something I tend to enjoy.

So on my day off on Tuesday (October Jewish Holiday # 4 1/2) and decided to put those two together and do a remix / mashup kinda thing. I sent it to Derek and to tell him what I did and figured he may get a kick out of it. In the back on my mind hoping they would play it and I'd be touring the country by November.

So Wednesday morning, Derek emails me this: "Frank - You are a fucking genius! When I heard "Hung Up" my first thought was "If Madonna Calls" is the perfect companion song. So we played the two of them back to back and I think it sounded great. However, I love your merged version. It's perfect. The crowd is gonna shit when they hear it in Philadelphia. Great job! - Derek."

Followed by a phone call that Sirius's dance channel wants to put it into rotation on Area 33. So needless to say I was pretty fucking excited. My friend James says he'll put it on his mixshow which also airs on Sirius - um and on KTU but thats one with guido 80s music. So I spent the day hoping it would come on, but never heard it.

After a long long day at work - I'm late to come home for my birthday dinner and I put on the Derek and Romanine show. They're talking about how some pregnant chick was so happy that Romaine gave her these items (er, um toys?) that would help strengthen musicles in her - um - area. So they go to break, promote their website and say "sign up for our newsletter and you'll recieve a link to our favorite song a Sirius exclusive "If Madonna Calls, Hang Up" by DJ Frank Manzo." At which point I had to pull over and change my depends. I mean yelled holy shit. So after a few minutes I called in and was tld to call back in 5 minutes cuz they wanted to spend some time with me.

I come home, set a tape, take a piss and get on the phone. a 5 minute interview with them, several website plugs, a plug for Saturday in Philly and then they played it. Now this is what I call a birthday gift from God or something. So if you want to hear the interview or the song go to my website and check'em out. I've some e-mails regarding the song as well and have put some people on my list for Saturday.

Oddly enough, this is kinda stange as some people that I'm close with and are huge house fans & even DJs - don't like the mix. I mean it's not the best thing I've ever done, as I said before I think the Madonna song sucks - but its the idea behind it. It's kinda like when I did Nelly Furtado's Forca. It's more about getting noticed because of it. With Forca I was contacting people at Dreamworks I never thought I would have, and even got a copy of it into her own hands; and have a signed copy to boot for myself. That mix is a great one to listen to, but not a good one for the dancefloor. This mix was not for the dancefloor at all, but I had to make it work. I was talking to another DJ friend of mine a few months ago, and he said that evertime he felt like he should stop something would happen. So within 3 days I went from "I don't have another DJ gig lined up" to "DJ Frank Manzo is on the fucking radio!" Welcome to this week.

So aside from - after Midnight struck - I'm pissed as shit cuz we're staying at a hotel about 20 mins from the club and no one (including myself) is happy about it. But we'll make the best of it and go from there. Hopefully the best will include a bottle of vodka - and um "If Madonna Calls, Hang Up" of course.

So I'm 26 - had my first radio interview as a DJ - and had a mix of mine played on the radio. Tomorrow I have chocolate chilli, a chocolate calzone, chocolate cupcakes and chocolate cake to look forward to. As I said - enough chocolate till Sunday.

(Cue Sia - Breathe Me)
This week also had some sad moments involoving the grandmother (great aunt really) of my best friend. Not to bring up back story, but I knew Grandma very well years ago. And she will be missed, but never ever forgotten. She's touched my friend's life more than anyone else has and will continue to do so until we all meet again. It makes you think, remember what's important.

Thanks -


Thursday, October 13, 2005

As usual - this is long overdue.

Work's been crazy - and great. Yesterday - our new worker Jill D started. Now thats not to mix her up with the other Jill B I work with. and to make it more conmfusing - Jill B reccomended Jill D for the job, so they know each other.
Why would anyone care? you really wouldn't. Although it's the only other person i've met that is also 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Polish. And most importantly she seems cool - and makes my work load a bit lighter.

i spent most of the day configuring digital cable in my house - that was after i had a 1/2 day at work (thanks to the jews) and had a cavity filled (thanks to hershey's). They don't all work yet - hopefully by tomorrow.

I'm getting all geared up for next Saturday in philly - where I'm hoping to have the most people come and see me down there. This will rival the 1st saturday I played in April of 2004 in terms of how many friends I will have there. Getting some good tunes together to have a fun night again.

As a follow up tyo my last racial filled blog - Fuji and I showed off our German pride this past friday with Matt. and between us all - we um aren't even a bit German. However Mike said that the Germans invaded Poland so it's kinda like we're German. I must say Zum Schneider is a good place to eat, drink and get stupid with some strangers from San Francisco.

The big discussion of the night was about um - um - statistics. Now before you start thinking we're talking about anything that is remotely educational - realize who I'm talking about. This is a statistic that Goldman discovered that only 50% of people have sex on their wedding night. Well ok - 1/2 of the couples - cuz if only the bride had sex - I think thats a shitty way to start a marriage. But what do I know? Nothing, but i have just under a year to figure it out. The theme to that night became "don't be a statistic!!"

So tomorrow I will enjoy my 3 1/2 jewish holiday off this month - and look forward to 2 more. And my birthday next Thursday. but more importantly is that Sarah doesn't need to go to Greenville, SC for work that day. On friday we get to see my cousin's boyfriend perform at the St.George Theatre on Staten Island with the Alvin Ailey Dance Co. He's the white guy in the show.

I'm sure I'll let everyone know how Pure goes. If it's 1/2 as good as the last time I'll be very happy.