Saturday, July 30, 2005

give it up, baby give it up

So its 2:30am - and for the first time in about 2 weeks I'm not going crazy. All week I've been preparing for a wedding I was djing - and I'm very proud to say that all the preparing paid off well! The party went great, despite a bit of a rocky start. We played an extra 20 mins at the end, until the staff of the place told me I needed to cut the music. Now, I didn't charge for the extra time, however we were tipped REALLY well!
There were some things I had never done before at any party. a) play "hooked on a feeling" coming out of a house set.
b) played o.a.r. - "a crazy game of poker" for anyone that cares
c) watched a man dance so much, sing so hard, and have so much fun that he had a halo of sweat around the top of his shit
d) only played 7 songs that were my own pick. I must say, they really knew their crowd.
e) arrived over 2 hours early!

Now - the best man - yes his speech sucked - yes it was long, boring went nowhere - and used the "last time (insert groom's name) will have the upper hand in the relationship" gag. yes, it did set EVERYTHING back like 15 mins, and people were so happy he was done. now with that said - the videographer did not need to call the groom an "asshole" - repeatedly. Of course not to his face, but to me. Why did he do that? Cuz the videographer was (you guessed it) an asshole. He was complaining about how the speech took up too much time on the film and they won't have as much video of them dancing now. Went on to say he's been doing this for 25 years, yap yap yap. The man at 1 time had 3 drinks, he needed a haircut STAT! Cuz his baldness isn't conducive (spelling?) to have some long hair in the FRONT! The best part, is that he's supposed to be gone at 11pm. Now cake is at 11pm. So he asks to have it moved up to 10:45pm. So I make a comment to the maitre'd about how the guy is being a dick, and he says fuck him we're gonna keep the cake at 11pm. Making him stay against his will. Now we watch him sitting down, taking it easy - I mean this guy could not have been less interested if he was dead. But unfortunately he was very much alive - and a pain in the ass.
so that guy being a douchebag is one of the reasons why we stayed late and didn't even say anything. I mean they asked for an encore. And we gave them a good 25 minute one.

so anyways - I have Philly again in 2 weeks from now (aug12), which should be a whole lot of fun - as it usually is! And def since I have some people coming down for it. I'm also looking to spending the whole weekend in Philly.

I also have to figure something out about work. Which as per the article about the lady that fired her nanny - I will not discuss here. What does suck is that one of my co-workers is on early maternity leave and another is leaving in September. Which makes an interesting workload for the rest of us. and being that 2 people are on vacation next week. There will be 3 of us in the 6 person office next week.

I think that is all to update.