Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Everyone's a little bit racist

First off - let's start with a long overdue event - frank joining myspace.com

so you can go to www.myspace.com/frankmanzo and check me out over there. I'm mainly using it for dj-ing. At least that's my plan.

second - is my rant for the week - now - on Sunday night I was in the city - went down to the Puerto Rican parade between Houston and canal. I'm sorry - I mean the San Gennaro Feast. However, the last time I checked reggaeton, tacos and everyone loves a Puerto Rican girl shirts were not Italian. Also not Italian - people speaking Spanish. I'd also say that also not Italian are black people - but we all know that its pretty close. So I'll let that go.

Now don't get me wrong - last year Sarah and I found ourselves at a Brazilian festival and just hung out. And I'm spent time at Newark Portuguese festival as well. However, I did not see zepolles, canollis, pizza and sausage and peppers there. AND WOULD NOT EXPECT TO!!!!

I think the "Bella Taco" stand was the worst - which I guess would be ital-ish - or span-ilian - the equivalent of spanglish for Italians and Spanish. Although Bella is the same in both languages. Now the translation means "beautiful taco" and I'm all for a nice pretty taco. But I don't buy mine on the street - some of you may. Some may call them up on the phone. Now I'm talking about "Bella Rosa Taco." Go ahead translate.

In any case I finally made my way down to get surrounded by yentas talking about how it's so crowded. and now what were some of these other people eating? Pizza? nah - sausage and peppers? nope eggplant parm? Still wrong - how about GYROS!!!!!! Cuz nothing saying I'm supporting my Italian heritage like FETA CHEESE and pita.

There was also an annoying guidette yelling in a high pitched voice about how she wanted to come earlier and now its too crowded. I watched "Brooklyn Own Joe Causi" host a canolli eating contest. (A better contests would've been guess Joe's weight.) Finally got away from the reggaeton to hear the music of my people. Not Polka (that's the polish part), no no not Sinatra, or Dean Martin. But the (sorry James) teeth itching beats - that makes every guido do the 80s fist pump. FREESTYLE!

So after I had some really good friend calamari and a chocolate canolli - I made my way out. Now I don't know why I go every year. It's the same thing. Except this year with less Italians. They can't even fill the end block anymore. I'm sure in due time little Italy will be less than the 1 block it still is. but I'll go back in hopes to see people that look more like john gotti, my late uncle pete and the cast of the sopranos. As much as I dislike that whole scene - it is the stereotype of what NYC Italians are - and stereotypes are based on truth (See ave q).

so all in all I had a great weekend. Friday night had an absolute blast going out the whole night. I haven't walked out of a club in daylight in a long time. Nothing like hearing Danny Tenaglia again as well. Saturday and Sunday were good also - getting to spend some desperately needed time with Sarah in the comforts of the W in Union Square. With $8 bottles of water in an amazing comfy bed.

so I'll wait for the hate mail.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

What in the world is our country doing?

As every other blogger in the US - here's my Katrina post. Enjoy the awfulness and somewhat hilarity that is our country and media.

(what the fuck is man even talking about???? So poor and so black - chalk one up for whitey!)

(Just watch the first 3 mins or so)
Video Link

(Ranting with Mr. Cooper! Ripping the senator a new asshole! - the smartest line "The president WILL be here tomorrow! - we think")

(humor - cuz we have to laugh at some point about this - you might have to scroll down for this)

(one for the ipod - kinda)

(I knew it i'm surrounded by assholes - oh i'll just e-mail a pic from my digital camera to have a place to stay - i'll do that ONCE WE GET FUCKING POWER IN LOUISIANA!)

I promise to wite about the other things I previously said I'd talk about soon. Not that people need to be reminded - but give to the red cross and vote for people that you feel can actually get the job done. I'm oddly enough kicking myself for not going to the red cross a month ago the way i wanted to - in order to sign up for any type of emergency services I can lend. I'd say too little to late - but another crisis WILL happen! We just have to be prepared the best we can.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Are we - we are. Are we - we are the waiting

I've been meaning to blog for a few days now - notably to bring back some past events and items that need some mentioning really just for amusement purposes. and I guess that's where we'll start today. First off - upcoming posts will include "fucking clitoris" and "razmatazz." Some of you will get both of those - some of you will wait very impatiently to know what that means - or not. (Wacky radio voice) So let's take a trip down memory lane - Summer 1994.

Now summer of 1994 is a very memorable one for me. I got my first girlfriend - watched Woodstock '94 on TV which introduced me to my favorite Nine Inch Nails - and we'd play hockey just about daily in 90 degree heat. In a time where Scott Matika and the rest of us were still mourning the suicide of Kurt Cobain, we were huge music buffs. However, when I think back to Summer 1994, I cannot forget about those sweet words - "when masturbation's lost it's fun, you're fucking lazy." Green Day's Dookie is an absolute classic. And we must've listened to that album in my backyard a thousand times. Most people own that album, and many of you even have the case that had a brown colored spine. I also remember getting a Green Day shirt and wearing it to school first day of sophomore year and then meeting Donna Rubin - cuz she was wearing an MTV Unplugged T-shirt. Remember when the most important thing in school was establishing your coolness the first day? No? Me neither - I was never really cool.

So anyways - why do I bring this all up? Cuz I just got back from Green Day at Giants Stadium. Which was great! I was pleasantly surprised - kinda forgot how many great songs they have and they played some great covers including Shout and We are the champions. However if I never hear "YEAH - NEW JERSEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY" again - it'll be too soon. Now that's all with the concert review - if you were one of the 50,000 or so - you know what it was like. If you didn't go - I'm sure it'll be in the Star Ledger today. Now Green Day has come a long was from 1994 and has put out an absolutely amazing album known as "American Idiot" just under a year ago (which in hindsight - should've been on my top 15 of 2004) - and now they're popular with the kids. The 14 year olds that are going into high school - like my sister. The first concert I've gone to with my sister and her first rock concert (the only other "real" concert she's seen was Alicia Keys - the rest were um c-rap). She seemed to have a lot of fun and her friend used to "like" them and after the show "loves" them. So I found it really cool - and oh so ironic (and yes uncomfortable when Billie Joe starting playing with himself and they had it on all the big screens) that 11 years after an album that helped shape my adolescence - I was enjoying with my 14 year old sister who is currently experiencing her own adolescence - probably stressing out about what shirt to wear to her first day of school on Tuesday.

The quote of the evening goes to this random encounter with a girl that looked so damn familiar but I couldn't place it -
Me - Excuse me - I know this is wired - but you look familiar - are you from Staten Island?
Girl (Who's name I swear is Deanna - no idea why) - Um Yeah
Me - you go to Tottenville?
girl - no
Me - I dunno - what is is then - I know you from somewhere
girl - maybe I hooked up with you when I was drunk one night
Me - no that's it - ok...

Matt - you know people everywhere
Me - I know
Matt - that was a bizarre response from her
Me - yeap

So I want comments on what my answer should've been - a fill in the blank - the best one will win a copy of my new demo CD - whenever I get it done. Hopefully this weekend so I can send James to AC with one - He's spinning at Club Tru down there.

Girl: Maybe I hooked up with you when I was drunk one night

ok - along with "fucking clitoris" and "razmatazz," I will also discuss the wired and at times inappropriate / disgusting car ride to Long Island from earlier today. Off to bed - to nap for a few hours before work.