Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chapter 11

11 years ago - December 1, 1995.

My mother and my aunt decide to open up a store based on a store they frequented in Ozone Park, Queens. It was a place to have kids birthday parties and adult women to have a night away from their own lives. So "Plaster Art" was born. It quickly became a staple part of the community. My first girlfriend was their first worker and did so for about 5 years. Tommy's sister worked there. My cousin's worked there. My sister worked there. Actually, I think I may have even done a few parties there - and I know my brother did. Tommy's mother also spent many week nights there with a number of other women - and I believe there were even nights that alcohol was involved.

In short - you picked out a piece which ranged from cars to baseball plaques to large pedestals. Then you painted it however you'd like. Kinda like Kindergarten - except at a store. The kids loved it - as did the parents. It came at a time where kids parties were becoming increasingly more expensive - $18 a kid for bowling or a trip to "Fun Bubble."

Over the past few years - rent steadily increased and income did not go along with that. So today - after a 2 week sale - we sat and ate pizza for the last time there. Thought about the funny times and then tomorrow the doors will lock for good. It was very reminiscent of the last "Growing Pains" episode - if you remember that at all.

So - goodbye "Plater Art" - thanks for letting kids and adults get Plastered for the last 11 years.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


Watch this - it's funny and - well - I have an appearance. Good job Karen!