Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and on and on

Typically I have avoided long diatribes about random topics here. It has all been loosely based around music, if nothing more than the title of the post. So I've promised many times to give a round up of music that I've liked over the past year. Now I'm not going to go nuts about each one. But here's the short and the long of it all. In no order - all about the album released in 2007.

Scouting For Girls
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
KT Tunstall
Alicia Keys
Nine Inch Nails
Eddie Vedder
Kanye West
Blake Lewis
Mark Ronson
Fountains of Wayne

Biggest Let Down:
Smashing Pumpkins

Biggest Expectation of Crap:
Britney Spears

So sorry there is not more detail. Just don't have the time to go album by album and give you the run down. There are many albums I discovered in 2007 and/or became popular in 2007 that are not eligible for the list - as they were not released in 2007 (Sorry - Lily Allen) but thats the way it goes down here at the Blogtower.

Yes - some of my pics are rather odd and some are fully expected. NIN - of course! Blake Lewis (from American Idol) Really? and I say yes! So I highly recommend getting the albums from that list of artists and let me know what you think about it. Till next time....