Monday, May 26, 2008


Time - 38:13

Pace - 9:33

Doing it again!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

T Minus 9 Hours

to Life Goal.

So in just about 9 hours I will be stepping up to the starting line to run a 4 mile race. I've always wanted to do one of these, however my dislike of running has kept me away from it. So tomorrow I cross another Life Goal off the list when I cross the finish line. Ok - well "IF" I cross the line. I have little doubt I will finish and I'll have some support from a friend whom has been key in getting my running game up. Nothing like some friendly competition.

So in other good news - I'll be going back to school in the Fall on a scholarship to get my MSW from Hunter College. I'm one of 25 people to be selected for it, so I'm pretty happy about it. Although the idea of entering a classroom again, is a bit overwhelming. I'm also getting a promotion at work, to a position that is being created for me. So chalk that up to the good things category as well.

I've also been spending more quality time on the guitar, but away from the DJ decks. Which has some amazing pluses and minuses. The idea will eventually be an EP or possibly a full album of original tracks. Not to sell or promote, since it won't be making it to anywhere except the ears of a few great, supportive, tolerant and tone deaf friends.

I realized this blog has become all but dead. Obviously my own fault. Chalk it up to time and effort. I mean even my regular website hasn't been updated in years, and that can actually make me money. So as things come and go here - I will leave you with the fact that this blog will have an end. For many reasons. Lack of motivation, confidentiality and overall inability to keep this together. Those of you that care about this - will get to know what happens next. Those that don't, and find this through a Google search - will be left behind.

Essential New Music for 2008 - Vampire Weekend, Schocholautte, Nine Inch Nails, Goldfrapp, Counting Crows. All bands that I have, will and plan on seeing in 2008.