Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I get so mad...

when i go to someone's blog and its not updated - hello mr. pot, hello mr. kettle. So i figured - I needed to update. I mean thats what this is here for. I'm currently listening to the new NIN cd that i downloaded 2 weeks before it comes out. I'm thoroughly confused as to what is going through Mr. Reznor's drug and alcohol free head. We have the most radio friendly song since "closer" hit the airwaves, and i think its fantastic. It's called "The Hand That Feeds" or THTF for short. And then they release the song via for the public to remix. i mean i now have a NIN acapella. Things I never thought. Other than that, ben folds new album out next week, last week was Garbage's Bleed Like Me. It's another time where I get to hear lots of good new music. For a new good cd - pick up Ringside. It's like $7 in best buy this week. and WELL worth it! Oh right - and there was a new Beck album a few weeks ago - the best track on that is only on the special edition. It's called "clap hands" and sounds like a Neptunes production. Much better than the Neptunes most recent - B-A-N-A-N-A-S - joint. (If you don't know what i'm talking about, turn on z100 for about 20 mins - extra points if you hear the Staten Island parody version - 1 hint - G-A-R-B-A-G-E - I have yet to hear it)

So let's see - aside from music - i've been working a whole lot, and looking for a break - which i'll get tomorrow night as i go out to hear billy carroll and then my favorite superchumbo. - which i guess is still talking about music.

i got my 6 month evaluation at work today - on a scale of 1-4 i got all 3's and 4's - which i was pretty happy about. mostly due to this little devil conscience sitting on my shoulder telling me about how i'm going to get fired. But i think i'm good at what i'm doing now.

well i just got a call about possibly djing at Temple (across from Roseland) on Friday - we'll see how this going. Damn - straight clubs - whats that like? Oh right "how many people can you do?" - "there will be 3 djs over the whole night" - but it's getting my foot back into the giant door of NYC. -

ok i'll put it up here - this is 90% done -

Friday April 22, 2005
240 52nd st (btw 8th ave and Bway) (Across from Roseland Ballroom)

Doors @ 10pm
Free till Midnight
Open Bar till 11:30pm

More details to follow...

thats all for now...

Friday, April 01, 2005

whir yourself around

i'm very much going on - i don't even remember when the past post was. I had a funeral yesterday, for do i put mom's sister's husband's father. my grandfather-in-law? well his other son (not my uncle) is tazz from the WWE. so when it was brought to my attention from friends that tazz's dad died - it was kind of violating - to ME! very strange to me, and the first time I thought how it must suck to be famous. but i've moved on since then, and i'm doing better now.

I was sick as hell last week and still haven't gotten better...and you know what - i need sleep - and i'm going to continue this tomorrow...until then read these...

An interview with Billy Carroll that mentions me

An article that has to do with me, unemployment, pearl jam and the woman

An article about hating jews...seriously...some of the quotes in here are quite shocking. I really never thought FDU was that jew-ey (jon stewart term).

finally - Terri Schiavo is dead - (great transition, as her maiden name is Schlindler) - which sucks - because death sucks - I just hope that I never have to see anyone on TV suffer like that again. Fucking horrible. I don't really have a pull the plug opinion in this case - however I just hope the media now pulls the plug on this. I watched South Park last night -Kenny's last wish - not to be seem on TV like that. And for a woman who was bulimic - to be seen like that on the CNN news ticker - i'm sure that if she could think coherently - she would've been pretty fucking upset that her vegitative state was all over the tv.

thats my innapropriate political statement for the day. - and to quote jon stewart "if you needed to know how sick you have to be for the government to care about your health - there you go"

to bed - talk more about having what i have been calling "something like the flu" - Pure in Philly, feedback from the Kirtzman wedding - and whatever else comes up - tomorrow - or whenever i get to it.