Friday, May 26, 2006

the new ideas...

So as I said I think i'm going to turn my blog into a music one. Where I list a song and write about it.

So I think the idea will be to include the mp3s of the song soon. i think i'm going to make a whole new blog - we'll see. So here's 2 songs for today.

KT Tunstall - Heal Over

The first time I heard this song, I was amazed. I hadn't felt the power of music in a long time. It's the warmest song I've heard in years. Just amazing production. Reminds me of the first Zero 7 album, and how I felt when i first heard it. This is another song that I listened to over and over on those quiet dark rides down the parkway from rehearsal.
KT is pretty amazing though and so is her entire album. It will definitely be making the top 10 albums of 2006 for me. The lyrics in this song are pretty amazing, and she's an amazing songwriter. I assure you this album will not let you down.

Next: Keane - Is It Any Wonder

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's been a while...

So its been a long time since I wrote - and I'll assure you that this blog may not take a turn for the better. It may not be something that some people want to read (No, Jillian, no PETA pics). But I've avoided putting down things for longer than I would have liked out here. All over the internet.

I think what I will be doing for now is linking to random songs and lyrics that I either feel are hitting home right about now. Something inspired by this book. Now this will be both good and bad. Music's in my blood. So it's pretty appropriate to do this here. Or I could do the other idea I had. Which is make a new annonymous one. No links, or readers, just a place for me in my little head - documented on my computer, instead of in that book I carry around. Eh - who knows.

So a quick update on life and then onto the new idea.

Yesterday I DJed here. What a trip. I kinda felt cool doing this to be honest. Thanks to Peter for the reccomendation. I was a part of the show as I ham-ed it up with the host and then did a little 2 hour set for them. This company is amazing, and full of wonderful people, the quote of the day was from my brother said to me "I've been here for 4 hours, and still have no idea what this company does." I think I figured it out...eventually. Thanks to Kate, who told me is it now her mission in life to get me another DJ job. As much as that's really nice and I'm flattered, she needs to find a better life.

So that was all coming down from the high of the weekend in Philly. Returned to Pure for a wonderful night, and they're very excited to have me back in less than 3 weeks for the closing night of gay pride. Sunday, June 11. Where I will be playing what I believe is the longest set I've ever done. 9 1/2 hours. I already talked to James about getting some food up there or something. Karen may come along for the ride as well. Got to hear James and Jonathan spin seperately on Friday. Played a great set on Saturday night, and had 600 people singing along to "Express Yourself." I do believe I have to get an I (heart) Tre shirt for pride. Had 2 meals with Tommy, who was very proud of his latest work project which destroyed a huge pillar. Also spent some great time with Jeanette, a friend I haven't seen in a while, and whom I always forget I miss until I see her. We also ran into MJ (the light guy from Pure) on the street and hung out at his place for a while. Admired his cool eclectic taste in everything from paintings to furniture.

Oh, the play also finished up. All in all, it was fantastic. Had a blast. And it was only this week, that I really miss it. Well more I miss the great staff and the constant partying we did. I hear there will be a DVD soon.

So now for today's song. Hell - here's 2.

#1 Vedera - Lover's Lie

I listened to the acoustic version of this just about every night on the way back from rehearsal. Sometimes more than once. Check out Vedera on if you want. Great band.

#2 Counting Crows - Anna Begins

I've heard this song a thousand times before. But something about it grabbed me a few days ago. As I listened to it over and over today. It kept digging in. When I read the lyrics, I'm not totally sure I get it. But thats the beauty of it, and well it's written by Adam Duritz; so you know 2 things for sure. It's about a girl and heartache.

So thats all for today