Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Shitty Day

So it's been a regular occurrence that something odd happens at my office. It could be arrests of my clients when they assault an officer. Could be bomb threats, fires, etc. Could be the smell of our security guards. Today was no exception to office craziness.

I typically go to the bathroom a few times during the day. I drink a LOT of water throughout the day and well sometimes have other duties (pardon the pun) have to be done. So Tuesday, I went to the bathroom and went to leave. Grabbed the door handle to feel something wet and mushy. Yes, you guessed it - Someone put shit all over the door handle. I mean ALL OVER IT. I almost vomited, right then and there. I used my left hand to turn on the faucet and then washed my hands like 4x. Then in order to get out - I had to grab toilet paper and open the door. I walked up to the front desk, and told them. They gave me some Purell. I told the appropriate people. I Purell-ed again. Washed about 3 more times and then Purell-ed about 5 more times. I was so grossed out it killed me. We're figuring it was a client. We hope at least.

My site administrator asked me if I knew this was in my job description, at least he knew I could laugh about it and wasn't going to like sue the building or some... (ready for it) shit. I can honestly say, I had the shittiest day on Tuesday.


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TommyG said...

I just threw up in my mouth