Friday, August 17, 2007

Around The World

This clip might not hold you over till I get back from Sicily. But it'll make you chuckle and in case Daft Punk doesn't make you think of me already, you may now.

Random FM3 Fact: Daft Punk's "Da Funk" was the first dance CD single I ever bought and opened my eyes (and ears) to electronic music. Therefore being the song that really began my career (loosely used) as a club DJ. It also has an amazing video by one of my favorite directors, Spike Jonze.

BTW - Daft Punk ROCKED Coney Island last week. Despite the fact that they could have been doing absolutely nothing, it was an amazing show. Truly a spectacle. The Rapture was great as well. If you happened to make the show, you know that the Rapture song "whoo alright yeah uh huh" didn't apply to the thousands of dancing maniacs on infield of Keyspan Park. See you soon!


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