Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What The-?!

Back in the day there was a comic book by Marvel Comics called "What The-?!" It was a comic about nothing reeally, it was Mad Magazine but with all the Marvel characters all drawn wierd and screwed up without a plot line and such. Here are some links to this week's real life WHAT THE-?!

Q-Unit - Somehow if 50 makes it to jail, he'll be singing these songs

I wish I was 13, Jewish, female, and oh right filthy fucking rich (Another Q-Unit appearance)

My own "What The-?!" moment happened on Sunday. Here's the short short version. Saw Rent at the movies, bought senior tix in order to save $3.75 a ticket. Drop $180 for dinner at Sushi Samba. WHAT THE-?!

Although I will say it was a great movie and meal. Honestly, one of the better weekends I've had in a long time, and I believe Sarah agrees.

See you in December...


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

want an x-box?

At this point its about 9 hours after most of the x-box's in EST have gone onsale. Now just for the record - there are over 15,000 on ebay. 15,000!!! And so far they have sold for over $3000. Now next year, I will be sure to be the dickhead waiting in the rain for a Nintendo Revolution with about 5 other people and then sell them all in order to bring myself some good old fashioned price gauging - i mean christmas cheer.

and apparently the only thing I can do to get some good comments is to comment on the invention of the internet and the fact that x-box should not be on the news.

in any case - next year is the new Nintendo Revolution system and that will be what you want to buy. X-box?? what the fuck? sounds like what happens what you call when you bang a person you've broken up with. or not...

and now for the what the fuck moment of the day - which few of you will actually care about.

The Radio Chick has jumped back to teressterial radio (aka the shitty kind) and is now gonna be on WXRK. Now I could be wrong but the dumbest move ever in radio history could be to lose the #1 radio talk show host ever and then choose to make your station all talk. Aside from that, we now have NO modern rock radio in NY, and didn't they learn their lesson with WNEW and their all talk format?

I'm pissed because the Radio Chick was one of my favortie shows and used to listen before O&A everyday. With O&A on XM and the Chick back to FM, it leaves with me Stern in January (which I'm really not a huge fan of) and OutQ. The Gay Talk Channel. Which as the fiancee also agrees with, its pretty damn good!

So I'm glad I got to have my remix played on the Chick's show the week before she left. Oh well...


Monday, November 21, 2005

walk the line

As December comes along there's something that we have to deal with. Lines. No, not the kind you'd like to do in order to make your mall shopping more tolerable. But long lines of people waiting to buy their loved ones gifts. Now - with the invention of the internet (by Al Gore) you would think lines would be a thing of the past for many items. Now I understand, lines to the bathroom, lines at a resturant, even waiting on line to get a ticket to a movie.

there was a time where you'd have to wait online to get concert tickets. Even get up at 2am and go over or sleep out to make sure you were first online or make sure you get tickets at all. OR when they had those wristbands that had a random number and then it was sort of the luck of the draw.

Ticketmaster is pretty much only online, with the exception for a few outlets. But you'd also think with all these other sites around, there would be no need for a bunch of people to be lining up to get an x-box 360 the day before it goes onsale. I mean what the fuck? Is it really necessary to waste your time waiting in the cold and the rain in a shopping mall to buy an x-box 360? Now I would hope that this means the people will open it when they get home and play whatever game comes with the system. But are these people waiting online to wrap this up for christmas?

Is it really going to be that difficult to get one of these? Especially with the great name of 360 and its not even fucking round! So thats today's piece of shit for the day...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

moving forward?

Last night I worked back at the Waterloo. Now aside from the typical douchebags (Danny's friend and the guy that swore I called him a pussy and was going to hit me) it was a pretty good evening. I was excpecting the worst, but actually had a good time. However, it seems that Mr. Greek (the owner) is having a "I fucked things up" moment. So he's doing what he can to rope old people back in, just the ones he likes though. Which I guess is a category I fall into. He offered me Thanksgiving Eve, which is definitely a nice gig. As well as a return to my post of Friday night resident. Now, see its one of those things where it has been miserable there, but it still can have some potential. As long as they get their shit back together. So as of now and until the new year - Frank will be back on Fridays at the Waterloo.

One possible change is if he manages to rope back in old bartenders - mainly two that worked with me just about every Saturday for like 2 years. If they come back on Saturday night, then I will go back on Saturday night. And it was pretty much put that it's a package deal. When bartender (we'll call her) Fake "D" told Mr. Greek that she won't work unless I do, he didn't understand and questioned what the DJ has to do with anything. However, we get it. We understand what that means, how to work with each other. That she tells me I'm playing too loud, that people want that new afro-cuban polka trip-hop track or Pearl Jam, and the way I know she'll dance everytime I play September(Remix) by Earth, Wind & Fire. My role is to ask her to make 5 shots for someones birthday (and forget to charge me at the end of the night), to charge my friends a bit less, and to make sure I get a drink even if the place is packed wall to wall.

A better situation would be to have two other bartenders back. But I don't really think (we'll call her) Real "D" and Big G will come back. So with that said - the only way we all go back to working on Saturdays if if the old team is back together. We don't need any Terrell Owens' around - although D-Ball would be a great addition.

So I don't know if i'm moving forward or not, but it is kinda nice to work again since I don't have a DJ job set up until February (2/10 @ Pure In Philly) and oddly fun to play some hip hop. Got some extra christmas money now, funny cuz I was thinking of getting a retail job for the holiday season.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

4 and 5; Therefore 9

That comes from a Soul Coughing song called 4 out of 5. Now it really has little to do with today, but it just reminded me of this movie Derek and some people were shooting in college about going to the bathroom. The ending sequence was me sitting on a toilet (pants up) talking about how I sing that song in my head in public bathrooms when the whole male pee shy thing comes along. I actually still need a copy of it along with the other movies I was in.

Anyways - let's work backwards - for the past week or so my Dad got this idea to hire roofers to redo the roof as we had a leak and while this was going on bumping out the garage a bit more. So my Dad hired 2 Polish guys to do the roof. I don't know where he got these people from, not really important. So apparently one of them likes to drink - a lot - while working - on A ROOF!!!! Fortunately he's not dead. However we got a good amount of rain today (and a bolt of lightning that I swear hit our neighbors house) - and well a roof is supposed to prevent rain from coming in the house typically. Apparently Polish roofers don't find that to be a priority, so there is water leaking from the same spot where it was leaking. We had a small leak and it is now a big problem. Oh happy day.

I also can't watch tv in my room as they had to cut one of the lines of cable - so i have my computer and tv in the living room and porch - but incase you don't know my family - its a bit difficult to sleep due to noise forget about watching Lost where if I miss a logo on a shark or something I will seem really dumb at work tomorrow. Woe is me (I kinda feel like like Karen)

(Side Note - I watched it - and with my family in and out I almost LOST my fucking mind! At one point my Mom says that her and my sister are done in there so I watch it in there and they start talking while it's on, so I had to go back and fourth. When will I get cable back?)

As many of you know I work for a Jewish organization. Some of you are still amused, I know, but today I had a sureal experience. I arrive at the 57th st office at 9am (I was actually early) and was waiting to get into the elevator. Now the building is old and so are the elevators and there are like 12 floors and 2 elevators. So I'm behind a Hasidic Jewish man (or as Sarah calls them "Jews in Costume")and a white woman. The elevators open some people file in and the Jewish man was being a bit slow and the elevator closed at 1/2 capacity. The woman behind me says loudly "Oh Jesus Christ." No lady - probably not.

Finally - I have been intrigued by a group of anonamous bloggers. There's the stripper (this one about the foo fighters is priceless), the bouncer and this one - the lawyer. Now she's had some drama that you can read if you desire. She's landed herself in NY Times and has a book deal due to her blog. However, I think some of us can relate to this post in particular. I know I can. However I will say this year I am winning 2-0 against the Senior. (And after this roofing issue, it's like a empty net goal)

Expect some more sooner than later - I've had some more time and the Fiancee is off to Texas this weekend. Which means lots of time sitting at home at my computer! I'm so fucking cool! Actually I hope to get out a lot this weekend. We'll see...


Sunday, November 06, 2005

One of these blogs

So we're back at filling in blog for a song lyric...

so far today I haven't done much. I slept in late, which was odd because my time was so throw off, as it tends to be when I'm at Sarah's since the only clock I can see with my glasses off is the regular one with hands and that doesn't make much sense to me just as my eyes open. Takes too much thought really.

So this blog will jump all over the musical spectrum as does my brain. Or as my supervisor called it yesterday ADHD. But that's another conversation that should probably be done with someone that can prescribe medication.

So its been a few weeks now since I've DJed and its been a bit odd. Although I did get booked for February 10th in Philly. It's some special event that "I would be perfect for." Which means - play your wedding heart out you cheesy SOB. But that is what I do. On any given night. So I'm excited, as usual.

My remix "If Madonna calls...Hang up" has made my website explode. I'm up hundreds of hits and visits. And most importantly downloads. It's pretty damn cool still, and Derek and Romaine continue to play it. If you don't have it yet - - get it there. It'll also be on James Anthony's next Sirius Mixshow, right after Ricky Martin. My Mom will be so proud. He's spinning at Avalon Sunday - so go check him out.

Jump to Thursday. I went to the Nine Inch Nails concert at MSG. Now typically these concerts are sold out (which it was) and getting rid of an extra ticket is easy. Not in this case. I couldn't scalp it - even for face value. It sucked. So at that point I just wanted someone to go and not waste a ticket. So luckily Alaina (who I was giving 1 ticket to) called Jonah and he stopped skating over at Bryant Park and came over. Gave me $20 for the ticket - which was a $75 ticket - and we all went in. Now I must say - the show was amazing. Probably the 2nd or 3rd best NIN show ever. I was definitely excited to have been there and experienced it all. NIN always makes concerts an experience, and there were Hurt video-esque moments with a big screen with projections on it. At one point there was a picture of George Bush dancing with Laura and the place went bonkers. Mainly since the lyrics in the song were:

What if everything around you
Isn't quite as it seems
What if all the world you think know
Is an elaborate dream?

As I've said the show rocked. And I ran into people I haven't seen in years outside of the show, also cool.

On the way to the car (tip: to avoid paying $40 to park when going to MSG or nearby, park on 29th St off of 10th Ave. It's a little walk, but its worth it) I heard a remix of "food" by Common & Kanye West. I thought I may be one of few people that knew every NIN song as well as this remix. Which I don't think is a bad thing, it's just weird. So let's continue with the weirdness...

So in the coming weeks there's Happy Potter & the Goblet of Fire and Rent hitting the theatres. I'm excited for both, more so for Rent. It's a favorite, and really seems promising. I want to get some people together to see this on opening weekend - anyone wanna come?

So I spent another Saturday night not doing much - sitting here blogging obviously. Which isn't a bad thing really, just very odd for me. I've been toying with the idea of doing a podcast type of thing or a weekly mixshow for this site and Even making them different - make this one like a radio show and the other one a DJ mixshow. We'll see - it sounds good on paper. er - the screen.

Sorry - got interrupted by the emergency phone from work. A kid is most likely AWOL AGAIN!!!! As Chad's Dad says - there are 2 ways to do things - the easy way and the hard way. This boy is taking the hard way to a new level.